A thrilling new partnership is set to bring an electrifying event to Bradford city centre next year. Bradford College and the esteemed global charity, Greenpower Education Trust, have joined forces to launch an unprecedented challenge for local secondary schools. The challenge entails designing, constructing, and racing an electric car as part of the Formula 24 series.

The primary objective behind this ambitious project is to inspire young minds throughout the district to excel in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). The entire program, generously funded and supported by the Bradford Metropolitan District Council, will span the academic year of 2023-24.

Secondary schools within the area are now invited to express their interest in participating in this groundbreaking initiative. Successful applicants will have the opportunity to borrow a fully funded race car kit, allowing them to devote an entire academic year to building and fine-tuning their vehicles before putting them to the ultimate test on the race track. In addition, schools will receive invaluable technical coaching and masterclasses provided by experts, including the esteemed Motor Vehicle team from Bradford College.

Sarah Towan, Vice Principal Recruitment & Communications at Bradford College, said; “As an established provider of STEM and motor vehicle training in the city, Bradford College is thrilled to bring this electric kit car challenge to the city. This is a phenomenal opportunity for Bradford’s young people and the city itself. It is vital we give more people the skills to support a growing sector focused on advancing green objectives and sustainability.

“We hope to inspire even more students from all backgrounds to consider rewarding and exciting STEM careers. The project will give students first-hand experience designing, building, and driving their own kit car in a competition which is the first of its kind to come to Bradford city centre.”

The project team is also keen on engaging with local employers in the engineering and motor vehicle industries who may be interested in lending their support to the event. Such support can take the form of partnering with a local secondary school to assist in designing and constructing the racing cars or providing backing for the Grand Prix event itself. Exciting sponsorship opportunities are also available.

Alex Willans at Bradford Metropolitan District Council Skillshouse Careers & Technical Education (CTE) added; “What an amazing opportunity for our young people and schools to be part of. It is fundamental that technical and vocational experiences are available, they allow experiential learning to take place alongside the exploration of high-quality, valued career pathways to be better prepared for choices at post 16 and beyond.

“I am delighted to see the Green Power Kit Car Challenge is designed to unlock potential and facilitate the development both and essential skills, learn from our specialist at Bradford College, industry experts and peer mentors.”

Local schools and businesses in Bradford that are interested in participating in the Greenpower Kit Car Challenge are encouraged to attend an information session at Bradford College on Monday, 10th July. Further details and bookings for the information sessions can be made through the Bradford College website https://www.bradfordcollege.ac.uk/greenpower/?utm_source=regional_education_media&utm_campaign=greenpower_electric_cars&utm_medium=pr