First-look images have been unveiled for “Boiling Point,” the upcoming BBC drama series that serves as a continuation of the immensely successful and multi award-winning feature film of the same name. Produced by Ascendant Fox and Matriarch Productions, in association with Made Up Productions for the BBC, the series is set to premiere later this year on BBC One and iPlayer.

Following the events of the heart-wrenching feature film, “Boiling Point” delves deeper into the gripping storyline, centred around head chef Carly (played by Vinette Robinson), who finds herself facing the aftermath of her mentor Andy Jones’ (Stephen Graham) heart attack. In her quest to establish a reputation for the new Dalston restaurant, Point North, Carly must rally her loyal kitchen crew and navigate the immense pressures that come with running a restaurant amidst a struggling hospitality industry.

The series closely follows Carly and her team as they grapple with the challenges of attracting new customers, keeping the business financially afloat, and maintaining a high standard of culinary excellence on a daily basis. Juggling their intricate personal lives alongside their professional obligations adds another layer of complexity to the already demanding circumstances.

“Boiling Point” was initially released as a feature film in 2021, and its impact was met with resounding critical acclaim. Garnering international recognition, the film earned nominations for over 30 prestigious awards across various categories. Among its accolades were four BAFTA nominations, 11 BIFA (British Independent Film Awards) nominations, four BIFA wins, two National Film Awards, and four Taormina Film Festival Awards.

The 4×60′ series is skillfully crafted by writer and executive producer James Cummings. The first two episodes are expertly directed by Philip Barantini, known for his work on “Malpractice,” while Mounia Akl, renowned for “Costa Brava, Lebanon,” takes the helm for episodes three and four. The executive production team consists of Hester Ruoff and Bart Ruspoli for Ascendant Fox, Hannah Walters and Stephen Graham for Matriarch Productions, Philip Barantini for Made Up Productions, Samantha Beddoe, and Rebecca Ferguson for the BBC. The series producer is Graham Drover, ensuring a seamless execution of the captivating narrative. The international distribution rights are held by BBC Studios, reinforcing the global reach of this highly anticipated series.

As viewers eagerly await the release of “Boiling Point,” the first-look images offer a tantalizing glimpse into the drama, setting the stage for what promises to be an enthralling and emotionally charged exploration of ambition, resilience, and the pursuit of culinary excellence. Stay tuned for further updates as the premiere date draws near.