Dewsbury and District Hospital’s state-of-the-art surgical robot, the da Vinci X, has successfully carried out its inaugural operation on a patient, following its arrival at Mid Yorkshire Teaching NHS Trust in early June.

The robotic system was employed to perform a laparoscopy, a procedure involving the removal of a segment of the patient’s colon as a treatment for bowel cancer. This intricate surgery typically takes between 3 to 4 hours to complete.

The introduction of the da Vinci X robot at Dewsbury and District Hospital heralds a new era of surgical precision and accuracy. By utilising advanced technology, the robot minimises the likelihood of complications and infections. Additionally, its minimally invasive approach results in smaller incisions and quicker recovery times for patients, thereby enabling medical professionals to navigate complex treatments more efficiently.

Steven Everson, the fortunate recipient of the first surgical procedure conducted by the new robot, expressed his confidence in the medical team, stating, “Robotic surgery makes the procedure more precise and accurate, so I’m all for any new technologies which can assist the medical team. I definitely feel like I’m in good hands with the team here at Dewsbury – bring it on.”

The da Vinci X robot is the second and most recent addition to the Trust’s suite of cutting-edge medical equipment. Pinderfields Hospital, within the same Trust, has already witnessed successful applications of robotic-assisted surgery in urology, gynaecology, and colorectal procedures.

Hannah Welbourn, Colorectal Consultant leading on the procedure, said: “Robotic surgery has already shown huge improvements in patient care and recovery times.

“We have performed similar surgeries using the da Vinci X robot at Pinderfields Hospital, but it’s great to be able to offer more patients across the Kirklees area access to this pioneering technology.”

Keely Robson, Director of Operations for Surgery, Cancer and Access Booking & Choice, at Mid Yorkshire Teaching NHS Trust, said: “This surgery marks a significant milestone for Dewsbury Hospital. The robot allowed us to perform the procedure with greater precision and control, resulting in a better outcome for the patient.

“This is a fantastic achievement for our team and we are excited to continue exploring the capabilities of this technology and how it can benefit our patients.”