In honour of the National Health Service’s 75th anniversary, Callum Pollard, the fundraising manager for MY Hospitals Charity, undertook an extraordinary challenge last week. Usually found supporting others in their fundraising endeavours, Pollard took centre stage as he cycled an impressive 75 kilometres on a static bike in the bustling atrium of Pinderfields Hospital. Encouraged by his colleagues and patients, the dedicated fundraiser embarked on this ambitious journey to commemorate the NHS’s 75-year legacy.

MY Hospitals Charity is the officially registered charity backing the Mid Yorkshire Teaching NHS Trust, which provides crucial healthcare services within the community and across three prominent hospital sites in Pontefract, Dewsbury, and Pinderfields.

Speaking about the motivation behind the unique fundraising event, Callum Pollard shared, “When discussing fundraising plans this year for the NHS75, a colleague had suggested we set up a fundraising event in the atrium on the 75th birthday as part of several celebratory events the Trust had planned. Originally the idea was that we’d ask the Trust to reach a collective 75km on the static bike.

He further added, “The NHS birthday is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the NHS, say thank you for the past 75 years and reflect on the value the NHS adds. Working alongside clinical staff I know just how much they care about their patients and their families; they’re always looking for ways to be innovative and provide the best care.”

Fueled by his appreciation for the NHS and its dedicated staff, Pollard saw the charity cycle as an opportunity to lead by example. “I wanted to physically show my gratitude so I thought if we’re going to ask everyone else to do it I should probably get stuck in myself! I’ve only cycled for fun before but I enjoy a challenge, especially those that raise money for such a worthy cause.”

MY Hospitals Charity has a clear mission – to raise funds and manage income effectively to enhance patient care by supporting the Trust with additional resources beyond the scope of NHS funding.

The 75-kilometre challenge put into perspective the true extent of Pollard’s dedication. “The distance of 75 kilometres is roughly equivalent to the distance from Pinderfields Hospital to Manchester Airport. When I realised just how far that was, it did make me a little nervous, and I wondered what I had signed myself up for!” admitted Pollard with a smile.

As a testament to the community’s support and encouragement, a second bike was made available for both hospital staff and the general public to join in and showcase their solidarity.

Remarkably, Callum Pollard completed the 75-kilometre cycle in a remarkable time of 2 hours and 40 minutes, maintaining an average pace of 18 mph – an incredible feat for a self-proclaimed novice cyclist. The NHS75 events hosted so far have successfully raised an impressive £1,820, with additional donations still being tallied.

For those interested in contributing to this worthy cause, donations can be made at the following link:

All proceeds will be dedicated to the MY Hospitals Charity MRI appeal, which seeks to enhance the hospital’s medical imaging capabilities, ultimately benefiting patient care and well-being.