Channel 4, in association with eBay, has announced the commissioning of an exciting new four-part series, set to premiere later this year. The show, produced by Plum Pictures and Imhotep Productions, will be hosted by renowned artist Tinie and F1 analyst and stunt driver Naomi Schiff. Together, they will explore the resurgence of cars from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

The upcoming series, titled “Bangers: Cars of the People,” will delve into the growing popularity of classic cars such as the Ford Sierra Cosworth, Peugeot 205 GTI, and Citroen Saxo. These once-familiar vehicles, which were commonplace decades ago, have now become sought-after collector’s items, commanding high prices at auctions. Termed “modern classics” by car enthusiasts, Tinie and Naomi have given them the nickname “Bangers.”

Each week, the hosts will focus on a specific category of cars, including hatchbacks, sports cars, 4x4s, and family cars. In the ultimate showdown, Naomi and Tinie will engage in the “Battle of the Bangers” to determine the best car in each class. With the assistance of car enthusiasts throughout the UK, they will explore the performance, history, culture, and iconic status of each vehicle, leading to a thrilling final challenge where the ultimate winner will be decided.

Naomi Schiff, a motorsport broadcaster with a diverse racing background, will bring her extensive knowledge of cars to the show. Meanwhile, Tinie, an avid F1 fan since his teenage years, will contribute his passion for cars, which started when he acquired his first vehicle, a modified Vauxhall Corsa, at the age of 17. Tinie has also followed the F1 tour worldwide, further enhancing his expertise.

Each episode will feature Tinie meeting a celebrity guest, and discussing their personal experiences with cars, including their first car, first kiss in a car, and the car they wish they had owned. Tinie will surprise them with forgotten cars and nostalgic photographs, evoking cherished memories.

In the series, Tinie will face the challenge of choosing a car to compete against Naomi’s selection, with Naomi getting first pick. Tinie will encounter passionate and audacious car owners from across the UK, who will attempt to convince him to endorse their chosen models. Tinie will also experience the cars in action, navigating treacherous quarry slopes in a 4×4, manoeuvring a 6-wheel Defender through the streets of Chelsea, and endeavouring to restore the reputation of the Renault Espace.

“Bangers: Cars of the People” aims to celebrate the music, fashion, news, and celebrity culture associated with the memories, both new and old, tied to cars. The series promises a delightful blend of nostalgia, entertainment, and fun-filled challenges, inviting viewers on a trip down memory lane.

Tinie expressed his excitement about the show, emphasising that cars are ingrained in pop culture, symbolising more than just transportation. He aims to explore the origins of iconic cars and their profound connection with the British psyche. Naomi Schiff, known for her competitive nature and extensive racing experience, eagerly anticipates delving deeper into the factors that made these cars iconic.

Nicole Streak, Channel 4’s Commissioning Editor, expects the series to evoke nostalgia while providing engaging entertainment and lighthearted challenges. Plum Pictures, one of the production companies behind the series, is thrilled to collaborate with Tinie and Naomi, both passionate and fiercely competitive car enthusiasts. They see the growing interest in classic cars among a new generation of UK car owners as an opportunity to delve into the music and style associated with these vehicles.

eBay, as the UK’s leading marketplace for car parts and accessories, is a partner for the series. Maria Betés, Head of Brand Marketing at eBay UK, emphasises the platform’s commitment to keeping cars on the road affordably and sustainably. By showcasing iconic modern classics, the show encourages a new generation of car owners to embrace and celebrate the renewed vitality of these remarkable vehicles.

“Bangers: Cars of the People” is a co-production between Plum Pictures and Imhotep Productions. The show was commissioned in partnership with eBay by Jo Street, Head of Daytime & Features, and Clemency Green, Senior Commissioning Editor. The series editor is Paolo Proto, while Abs Abejumo serves as the series director. The Executive Producers are Gill Wilson and Tinie.