The Cathedral Living Timeline aims to assist children in comprehending the past by delving into the history of Bradford, all the way back to the Saxon era, and how it has influenced the diverse cultural landscape of 21st century Bradford.

Children will explore various historical periods in different locations, acquiring knowledge about the individuals and events that have shaped the Cathedral and Bradford’s narrative through the use of costumes and artefacts.

The immersive experience encompasses the following:

The significance of the “broad ford” and Bradford during Saxon times.
The Norman period and the influential de Lacy family.
The involvement of stonemasons in constructing the church.
Insight into Tudor Bradford.
The English Civil War and the reasoning behind wrapping the church tower in woolsacks.
The renowned astronomer and mathematician, Abraham Sharp.
Victorian Bradford, including noteworthy figures such as Wiliam Scoresby, advancements in education, mills, and the contributions of William Morris.
Bradford’s transformation into a new city was accompanied by the construction of a new cathedral.
The impact of World War I on Bradford, including the involvement of the Bradford Pals and the contributions of Louisa Pesel.
The influence of twentieth-century immigration.
A focus on present-day Bradford, emphasising the harmonious coexistence of its communities.
And much, much more awaits!

Maggie Myers, Director of Education and Visitors, says; “We are so excited to be able to offer this new and unique experience for schools.

“As we approach Bradford 2025, this is the perfect time for pupils to discover the Cathedral’s significant role in Bradford’s history, stretching back almost 1,400 years to the Saxon era, and to learn more about the events, influences and people that have made Bradford – their home – the distinctive place it is today.

“We can’t wait to share Bradford’s stories with them!”

You can book the Cathedral Living Timeline now for October 2023 onwards. Thursdays only (AM & PM sessions available). Please contact to book the experience. Early booking is advisable.