Casualty, the world’s longest-running primetime medical drama, is set to air a groundbreaking special standalone episode that shines a spotlight on exceptional teamwork and collaboration within medical services. In a departure from its traditional format, this historic episode will feature commentary from real-life medical professionals, providing a unique insight into the world of emergency medicine.

The upcoming episode centres around the gripping story of Amartya, a motorbike rider who becomes a victim of a devastating collision, sustaining life-threatening injuries. It serves as a powerful testament to the relentless efforts made by the emergency medical services to save lives, spanning the entire spectrum of healthcare professionals – from ambulance call handlers to nurses, paramedics, doctors, HEMS teams, surgeons, and beyond.

While Casualty’s familiar characters in the Emergency Department (ED) take centre stage, viewers will also be treated to the invaluable perspectives of real-life medical experts. Through their commentary, these professionals highlight the vital elements of teamwork, collaboration, and unwavering dedication that underpin the provision of exceptional care to each individual patient.

Jon Sen, the Executive Producer of Casualty at BBC Studios, expressed his enthusiasm for this milestone episode: “To commemorate the 75th anniversary, we aimed to illuminate the awe-inspiring work of the doctors, nurses, and paramedics within the NHS. This episode tells a gripping story that dramatises the skill and immense teamwork involved in saving the life of one patient, Amartya. We were thrilled when real medical professionals agreed to be interviewed, offering an authentic glimpse into the triumphs and challenges they face daily. Through this one-off episode, the audience gains a true understanding of what it’s like to walk in the shoes of NHS professionals.”

Casualty, a BBC Studios Continuing Drama Production for the BBC, will present this special standalone episode on Saturday, 15th July. It will be available for viewing on BBC One and BBC iPlayer. The Executive Producer, Jon Sen, and Series Producer, Liza Mellody, both represent BBC Studios, while Rebecca Ferguson serves as the Commissioning Editor for the BBC.

As Casualty celebrates its remarkable 75th anniversary, this groundbreaking episode promises an extraordinary glimpse behind the scenes of the NHS, paying tribute to the dedicated professionals who work tirelessly to save lives every day.