Calderdale and Huddersfield Foundation Trust’s (CHFT) Gynaecology Cancer Team has achieved well-deserved recognition by being shortlisted in two prestigious categories of the Macmillan Professionals Excellence Awards finals. The team’s exceptional efforts in delivering outstanding results within the 28-day cancer targets have earned them a place in the finals for the Integrated Care and the Whatever It Takes categories.

The team’s remarkable work on the Gynaecology Triage Pathway, which has led to significant improvements for patients, was the driving force behind their nomination in the Integrated Care category. Project Manager, Lucy Beckingham, praised her colleagues for surpassing cancer performance targets and consistently receiving excellent feedback from patients. A patient even expressed, “If I do have to come back to this team, I know I will feel reassured and helped as much as possible.” The pathway changes, driven by the collective efforts of the team, involved seamless collaboration across services and departments, including radiology, hysteroscopy, and appointments, to ensure enhanced patient outcomes.

Lucy expressed her belief that the team is truly deserving of the award, emphasising their dedication to overcoming challenges and their united approach to making improvements for the patients they serve. Consultant Radiologist and Divisional Director for Family and Specialist Services, Nikhil Bhuskute, commended the team’s dedication, hard work, and commitment to providing exceptional integrated care to patients. He acknowledged the team’s well-deserved nomination as a testament to their professionalism and unwavering commitment to delivering excellence in integrated care.

In the Whatever It Takes category, the Macmillan Gynaecology Team Leader, Lesley Walker, proudly nominated her team for their resilience in overcoming various challenges while maintaining an excellent standard of service for all patients. Lesley highlighted the team’s ability to establish early contact with patients and offer reassurance from the outset of their pathway journey, which has been highly valuable in reducing anxiety related to cancer concerns.

The recognition bestowed upon the CHFT Gynaecology Cancer Team by the Macmillan Professionals Excellence Awards serves as a testament to their outstanding skills, teamwork, and dedication to providing integrated care. Their achievements are a source of inspiration to healthcare professionals, encouraging them to continually push boundaries and strive for excellence in delivering top-notch patient care.

The winners of the Macmillan Professionals Excellence Awards will be announced in a prestigious ceremony, eagerly anticipated by the healthcare community. The CHFT Gynaecology Cancer Team’s contributions have undoubtedly set a high standard for integrated care, making them strong contenders for the coveted accolades.