Councillor Matt Edwards, the leader of the Green Party group on Bradford Council, has once again urged National Highways to address the persistent issues plaguing the M606 motorway, including the installation of netting on a motorway underpass to combat nuisance pigeons. The councillor’s call comes after nearly two years of trying to get the matter resolved with the government-owned company responsible for managing major A roads and motorways in England.

The footpath under the M606 serves as a vital route for numerous parents who take their children to Woodlands Primary School daily. However, the area has become increasingly burdened by pigeon droppings, creating an unpleasant and unsightly experience for pedestrians. Councillor Edwards expressed his dismay at the prolonged delays in resolving this seemingly straightforward problem.

“This should be a fairly straightforward job and I am genuinely at a loss why this is taking so long. National Highways have a budget that runs into billions of pounds and yet netting on a single underpass seems to require years of planning. They just need to get on with it,” urged Councillor Edwards.

The safety and hygiene of the footpath have been compromised due to the excessive pigeon mess, making it imperative for National Highways to take immediate action and alleviate the inconvenience faced by the local community.

National Highways, formerly known as Highways England, bears the responsibility of ensuring the smooth functioning and upkeep of motorways and major A roads across England. As such, residents and pedestrians expect swift and effective solutions to such issues that impact their daily lives.

Moreover, Councillor Edwards has also drawn attention to the litter accumulation along the length of the M606, particularly on the southbound side of the carriageway. The councillor emphasised the inadequate response from National Highways, which reportedly attends to litter collection only twice a year. This, according to Councillor Edwards, falls short of the expected standard.

“The litter, particularly on the southbound side of the carriageway, is appalling. I am told by National Highways they only attend this twice a year which frankly is not good enough. There are families living very close to the motorway on Rockhill Lane as well as the popular Woodlands Country Park which is situated between the southern edge of Euroways and Lower Woodlands. Local people shouldn’t have to wade through litter coming from the motorway,” Councillor Edwards highlighted.

The councillor’s efforts to bring these issues to the forefront have garnered support from the local community, who are hopeful that National Highways will take prompt action to rectify the problems and ensure a cleaner, safer environment for all.