Bradford College marked a momentous occasion as it honoured the commitment and achievements of its students at the highly anticipated annual Student Awards 2023. The event, held at the prestigious David Hockney Building, witnessed students from various academic disciplines receiving well-deserved certificates and trophies in recognition of their exceptional accomplishments and progress throughout the academic year.

The atmosphere was filled with inspiration as captivating stories were shared during six separate ceremonies. Alina Khan, the Vice Principal for Student Experience, inaugurated the proceedings, setting the stage for an evening of celebration. Bradford College CEO, Chris Webb, along with esteemed curriculum staff, presented the awards to the deserving recipients, while their accomplishments were acknowledged through heartfelt citations.

Chris Webb expressed his astonishment at the immense talent and unwavering dedication exhibited by the students each year, regardless of the challenges they face. He praised their remarkable resilience, highlighting their ability to overcome obstacles and emerge as accomplished individuals. He confidently stated, “Every year I am astounded by the talent and commitment of our students – tackling tough challenges, and yet still proving themselves to be accomplished and impressive individuals. This year is no exception. All our award winners have shown resilience in spades. I know that they will continue to make us proud as they go on to make a real difference to the communities and workforces in which they are employed and live.”

Following the ceremonies, jubilant festival-themed receptions were held within the College, providing an opportunity for the winners, their families, tutors, and employer partners to revel in their achievements. The festive atmosphere was enhanced by delectable canapés, refreshing mocktails, and a lively DJ, ensuring a memorable experience for all.

The Awards Highlights encompassed various academic disciplines, with notable achievements recognized in each category. In the field of Health, Social Care & Early Years, Iqra Mahmood, a Level 2 Diploma in Health and Social Care student, emerged as an exceptional individual who demonstrated unwavering commitment to her studies and dedication to service users. Iqra, who aspires to become a nurse, garnered acclaim for her invaluable contributions as a cherished member of each placement team.

Reflecting on her recent work placement at the ENT outpatient department of the Bradford Royal Infirmary (BRI), she shared, “The staff were caring and made me feel like part of the team. I was honoured to be there and it’s important that other students take this opportunity to see within a healthcare service. I would 100% recommend undertaking a placement at BRI.”

In the realm of Health Sciences, MediTech, and Computing, a total of 34 students were honored with Academic Excellence and Greatest Progress Awards. Among the outstanding recipients was Abu-Bakr Farakh, who is currently pursuing a BTEC Extended Diploma in Applied Science Year 1. Abu-Bakr’s remarkable example, unwavering focus, and determination, along with his exceptional ability to support his fellow students while undertaking complex physics calculations, led to his recognition for Academic Excellence.

The Construction and Engineering awards celebrated the achievements of 11 exceptional students. Zubayr Khan, a Level 3 Construction Management student, secured the prestigious Future Leader Award for his infectious commitment to learning, inspiring his classmates and securing two offers of employment within the construction industry. Another remarkable recipient was Leon Donoghue, who earned the Award for Most Committed Student for his exceptional attendance and successful completion of the BTEC Level 3 in the Built Environment.

Leon’s dedication was evident in his work placement at the West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue HQ, facilitated by course sponsors Willmott Dixon. He is now set to embark on a further placement with Sewell over the summer, further enhancing his practical experience.

The Bradford School of Art recognised the outstanding achievements of over 12 students across various disciplines, including Art and Design, Music, Creative Media Production, Performing Arts, and Media Make-Up. The awards encompassed categories such as Progress Made, Overall Commitment to Learning, and Student of the Year

The coveted Music Student of the Year award was presented to Leoni Conway, an independent learner, an exceptionally talented pianist, and music producer. Leoni’s growth as a performer, musician, and event manager was acknowledged, with her remarkable feat of single-handedly organising a music showcase at the College garnering significant praise.

In the Professional Services & Leisure sector, 15 students were recognised with Shining Star awards. Gary Bradwell, the Curriculum Area Manager, proudly bestowed the Learner of the Year Award upon Roxanne Istrate, a Level 2 Travel and Tourism student. Roxanne’s nomination highlighted her resilience, willingness to assist fellow students, and her strong desire to achieve distinction grades, setting her apart as a shining example of excellence. Furkan Uddin, the Head of Department for Professional Services and Leisure, expressed immense pride in the faculty’s dedicated efforts to transform the lives of their students, emphasising that the inspiring journeys shared during the ceremony served as a constant reminder of the profound impact of their work.

The Adult and Community category celebrated the achievements of sixteen students pursuing community courses. Cynthia Utlwang, a Botswanan refugee who experienced separation from her son while fleeing her country, received the esteemed College of Sanctuary award. Currently residing in a women’s hostel in Bradford, Cynthia demonstrated remarkable resilience with the support of mental health services. She successfully completed an ESOL Level 1 qualification, obtained a Maths GCSE, and embarked on an introductory Nail Technician course, representing the initial steps in her pursuit of a new life and career.

The Apprenticeship Awards celebrated the achievements of 15 exceptional individuals. Alisha Fearn was recognised as the Customer Service Apprentice of the Year, while Emma Brown secured the Management Apprentice of the Year award. The prestigious Employer of the Year title was awarded to Stable Court Dental, which has collaborated closely with Bradford College for numerous years, exhibiting unwavering support for apprenticeships. Manager Nicola Burgess’s commitment to ensuring learners have dedicated time for lessons and catch-up sessions, despite the organisation’s busy schedule, was highly commended.

For those interested in joining the festivities next year, the admissions team encourages contacting them to explore the range of courses offered at Bradford College. Alternatively, attending one of the College’s Open events presents an excellent opportunity to gain insight into the educational opportunities available