Young actor Lenny Rush, fresh off his recent Bafta win at the age of fourteen, is set to embark on an intergalactic adventure in the upcoming series of Doctor Who. Sharing the screen with Ncuti Gatwa, Rush will assume the role of Morris, propelling his rising stardom to unprecedented heights.

Rush has graced our screens in a plethora of shows, including Dodger and A Christmas Carol. However, it was his remarkable performance in Daisy May Cooper’s Am I Being Unreasonable that earned him this year’s coveted Bafta for Best Male Performance in a Comedy Programme.

Now, Lenny Rush is poised to join the ranks of time and space explorers as he embarks on his latest endeavour, portraying the character of Morris.

Expressing his excitement about joining the Doctor Who family, Rush exclaimed, “It’s an absolute honour to be part of Doctor Who, one of the most iconic shows on television. Wow, what a dream come true!”

Russell T Davies, the showrunner, wholeheartedly embraces Rush’s addition to the ensemble, stating, “This is what Doctor Who is all about—unveiling fresh, emerging talent from the next generation. And no one embodies talent more than Lenny! He joins the TARDIS team just in time for the Doctor’s greatest nightmare, so hold on tight!”

As the young star sets foot into the legendary world of Doctor Who, fans eagerly await the extraordinary adventures and electrifying performances that lie ahead. Lenny Rush’s meteoric rise continues, and the cosmos is primed to witness the magnificence of his talent unfold on screen.