Roads policing officers from West Yorkshire Police are set to conduct patrols on the motorway network in an HGV as part of the latest Operation Tramline operation.

Running from Monday, June 19 to Friday, June 23, this joint initiative between West Yorkshire Police and National Highways aims to address various motoring offences. The officers will employ an unmarked HGV tractor unit to monitor the motorways and utilize video evidence to capture offenders engaged in moving road traffic violations.

Sergeant Ryan Burt, belonging to West Yorkshire Police’s Roads Policing Unit, explained the advantages of employing the HGV tractor unit, stating, “By utilizing the HGV tractor unit, we have the benefit of not only being able to look down on smaller vehicles and into the driver’s area of the vehicle but also into the high tractor units of other HGV and LGVs.”

The primary objective of operations like this is to ensure road safety. Neglected vehicle maintenance and reckless driver behaviour can lead to catastrophic consequences, especially in incidents involving large vehicles.

This upcoming Operation Tramline week is the second one taking place in West Yorkshire this year. In March, law enforcement officials stopped 110 drivers for motoring offences, and they also successfully recovered a stolen DAF truck during that operation.