Tracy Brabin, the Mayor of West Yorkshire, has successfully secured million-pound funding for a groundbreaking pilot aimed at addressing the issue of anti-social behaviour (ASB) across the region.

As preparations for the new initiative get underway, citizens are being encouraged to voice their opinions. A survey has been launched, inviting members of the public to provide feedback on their encounters with ASB and express how they would like to see those responsible make amends.

The trial will encompass a variety of tailored services for both adults and children, designed to benefit the victims. These measures include engaging in unpaid work, undertaking repairs for damages caused by their actions, and exploring the possibility of restorative justice, where victims can directly communicate with the individuals responsible for the crimes committed against them.

Mayor Brabin stated, “We are committed to creating a safer environment in West Yorkshire for work, residence, and raising families. As such, we are addressing the issues that truly matter to our people. Anti-social behaviour can severely impact communities, and this new pilot aims to prevent it by working with offenders to understand and tackle the root causes. It is essential that we listen to our communities, so we invite as many people as possible to share their experiences and contribute to this important work.”

The initiative is a result of close collaboration between the West Yorkshire Police, HM Prisons and Probation Service, Youth Justice Services, and the Voluntary, Community, and Social Enterprise sector. Its primary objectives are to recognise and prevent trauma, respond promptly, and mitigate harm.

Moreover, the insights gained from this project will enhance the early intervention and prevention approach to ASB throughout the county.

Chief Inspector Alan Travis, leading the project for the West Yorkshire Police, expressed, “We are working closely with WYCA and other key stakeholders to establish a new pathway for dealing with perpetrators of anti-social behaviour. This pathway will not only contribute to the reparation of communities affected by ASB but also lead to a reduction in re-offending through education, rehabilitation, and restorative justice.”

Directors of Restorative Solutions, Tony Walker and Kate Hook, remarked, “Restorative Solutions have been delivering the Restorative Justice Service across West Yorkshire since 2018 and are thrilled to be collaborating with Mayor Brabin, her Office, West Yorkshire Police, and other local partners on such a significant pilot project. We particularly appreciate the Mayor’s recognition of the value of Restorative Justice in reducing reoffending and changing behaviour, as well as providing an opportunity to ensure the victim’s voice is heard in the process.”

Lynda Marginson CBE, Regional Probation Director, affirmed, “Yorkshire and the Humber Probation Service are committed to partnering with others to prevent future victims of anti-social behaviour and maintain the safety of our communities. Individuals engaged in anti-social behaviour will contribute to their local communities by performing visible acts of justice. By collaboratively working with our partners, we are confident that better options will be achieved, enabling individuals to make positive changes in their lives and reduce the likelihood of further reoffending.”

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