Czajka Care Group, a renowned care provider based in West Yorkshire, has launched an ambitious recruitment campaign to expand its team of qualified chefs. Surprisingly, the group is successfully enticing candidates who are turning away from the allure of city centre venues in favour of daytime working hours and improved work-life balance.

Karl Minott, a talented chef, recently joined Czajka Care Group after holding the position of head chef at city centre kitchens for one of Europe’s largest craft brewers and a well-known restaurant chain specialising in BBQ cuisine.

Now employed at Czajka Care Group’s Brookfield Care Home in Nab Wood, near Shipley, Karl is part of a dedicated catering team responsible for preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner for approximately 40 residents and their guests.

Reflecting on his decision to make the career transition, Karl expressed his dissatisfaction with his previous work schedule, stating, “Until recently, I was regularly working from 11 am until 11 pm every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, in addition to shifts during the week. I had no work-life balance and was thoroughly fed up. However, when a former colleague mentioned their experience working in the care sector, it got me thinking that there must be a better alternative.”

Karl further emphasised the benefits of his new role, saying, “Now, I never have to work beyond 5 pm and couldn’t ask for better working hours. We serve breakfast every morning and provide a four-week rolling menu with diverse options for lunch and dinner. I find it incredibly satisfying to cook with seasonal produce, mostly sourced from local suppliers.”

When asked about the residents’ preferences, Karl explained, “Our residents particularly enjoy our traditional dishes, such as roast dinners, tasty pies, creamy mash, and gravy. As we prepare to introduce our summer menu, we are excited to offer light and flavorful alternatives. However, our star of the show is ‘fish Friday,’ where we serve up a traditional fish supper that remains on the menu regardless of the season!”

Czajka Care Group, in addition to Brookfield Care Home, owns Staveley Birkleas Nursing in Nab Wood and Currergate Nursing Home in Steeton, situated between Skipton and Keighley. The company also offers purpose-built retirement houses and apartments at Currergate Mews in Steeton and Fairmount Park in Nab Wood, Saltaire.

Konrad Czajka, representing Czajka Care Group, emphasised the significance of mealtimes for their residents, stating, “Mealtimes are vitally important for our residents and often serve as a focal point of the day, as well as an opportunity to socialise. We take pride in making them thoroughly enjoyable, and our catering team and chefs play a crucial role in this. We are keen to expand our team further.”

Praising Karl’s addition to Brookfield Care Home, Konrad Czajka said, “Karl brings valuable experience from fast-paced kitchen environments in city centres. He recognised the additional benefits we could offer, including a 40-hour workweek typically between 8 am and 5 pm, with no evening shifts and overtime paid at time and a half. We encourage other chefs seeking a vastly improved work-life balance and who have a passion for serving quality dishes to contact us now.”

Established in Saltaire, West Yorkshire, in 1983, Czajka Care Group is a family-run business that provides exceptional care for retired and disabled individuals.

For more information about career opportunities for chefs at Czajka Care Group, interested individuals can contact Amy Bland at 01274 586437, email, or visit the website