In March, Wakefield was unveiled as one of the 20 Levelling Up Partnership areas. As the city looks forward to reaping the rewards of this prestigious title, local officials are urging the government to ensure that tangible benefits are realised.

Cllr Michael Graham, Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Economic Growth, emphasised the city’s commitment to providing exceptional amenities and fostering a community that residents can take pride in. However, concerns have arisen that Wakefield’s selection as a levelling up partner might not translate into concrete improvements. The program’s slow progress and lack of clear definition are fueling apprehension, leading many to perceive it as another instance of the government failing to deliver on its promises for the district.

Graham expressed the urgency for the government to provide clarity on the funding allocation for Wakefield’s Levelling Up Partnership. This financial support is crucial for advancing the city’s ambitious and exciting plans.

In a letter addressed to government authorities, it was emphasised that the inclusion of areas that were unsuccessful in the Levelling Up Round 2 bids, such as Knottingley and South Kirkby, is of utmost importance in forthcoming discussions.

Cllr Jeffery, echoing this sentiment, underscored the significance of allocating funds to aid Knottingley and South Kirkby. These communities require additional investment opportunities that would bring about transformative changes within their towns.

As Wakefield strives for progress and prosperity, the local council remains steadfast in its call for the government to recognise the necessity of prioritising funding for these areas. It is crucial to seize this moment and secure further investment that will make a substantial difference in the development and growth of these towns.