Remaining Faithful to the worldwide psychological TV phenomenon, the BBC has officially announced the return of The Traitors this summer, with a thrilling twist – the action will unfold in Australia.

The Traitors Australia, a new acquisition by the BBC, marks another season of this delectably perilous game show, where a group of contestants will convene at a historic luxury hotel in the Southern Highlands. These hopeful participants, known as the Faithful contestants, will vie for a substantial prize pool worth up to A$250,000. However, lurking amongst them are the Traitors, a select group of four contestants handpicked by the charismatic host, Rodger Corser, on the first day. Their objective? To eliminate the Faithfuls and selfishly claim the prize for themselves.

For those unacquainted with The Traitors, this captivating reality game show revolves around tactics, betrayal, suspicion, and manipulation. If the Faithful contestants manage to eliminate all the Traitors, they will collectively share the prize fund. Conversely, should a Traitor successfully make it to the end, they will brazenly abscond with the entire sum.

Welcome to the most tantalisingly dangerous game of deceit, treachery, and double-crossing. Will the Faithfuls possess the mettle necessary to outwit and eliminate the Traitors? Or will the cunning machinations of the Traitors lead to the expulsion of one of their own Faithful allies?

Nasfim Haque, the Head of Content at BBC Three, enthusiastically expresses, “The Traitors is an irresistibly diabolical format, and I am delighted to announce that viewers can satiate their craving for deception and suspicion as we venture Down Under for the Australian edition of the show, exclusively on BBC Three and iPlayer.”

The highly anticipated premiere of The Traitors Australia will grace BBC Three screens on Sunday, 9th July, at 8 PM. Excitingly, all 12 episodes will be made available as a boxset on BBC iPlayer from 6 AM on the same day, ensuring fans can savor the entire season at their leisure.

The Traitors Australia stands as the third iteration of the series offered to BBC viewers, following the inaugural UK edition of The Traitors, which clinched two BAFTA awards and garnered critical acclaim. Hosted by Claudia Winkleman and produced by Studio Lambert, the UK series remains a testament to the show’s success. Additionally, viewers can also indulge in The Traitors US, both of which are currently accessible for streaming on BBC iPlayer.

For those daring individuals who believe they possess the fortitude to participate, applications for the second series of the UK version of The Traitors are still open. Visit the BBC Shows, Tours & Take Part website to learn more about the application process.

The Traitors originated in the Netherlands, conceived by IDTV, an All3Media company. The format was further developed in collaboration with the RTL Creative Unit and produced by IDTV. All3Media International facilitated the licensing of the shows, ensuring global viewers could revel in this gripping spectacle.