The Bread and Butter Thing (TBBT), a leading community food organisation in the UK, has expanded its affordable food clubs to Kirklees with the opening of a new hub in Heckmondwike. In collaboration with Kirklees Council and Third Sector Leaders, the partnership aims to alleviate food insecurity and provide additional support services to the local community.

The new TBBT hub will be located at Heckmondwike United Reformed Church on 137 High Street, Heckmondwike WF16 0DY. Its doors are set to open at 2:00pm on Monday, 12 June. The hub offers access to reasonably priced and nutritious food, as well as wraparound services that provide advice and support on various aspects, including finances, employment, and health.

Members of The Bread and Butter Thing can avail themselves of shopping bags filled with a minimum of £35 worth of high-quality, nutritious food, all for the affordable price of £8.50. Each week, members can obtain three bags of produce, comprising fresh fruits and vegetables, chilled goods, and pantry essentials such as pasta and cereal. Moreover, families can utilise their NHS healthy start vouchers, and low-cost period products will also be made available.

Expressing enthusiasm for the partnership, Councillor Paul Davies, Kirklees Council’s Cabinet Member for Corporate Services, said, “I am very excited about the partnership with The Bread and Butter Thing and the launch of this new hub. I know that some families across our communities are struggling to put food on the table, and the cost of living crisis is only adding more pressure. These hubs will make a big difference to those families, not only by providing affordable, nutritious food but also by offering other kinds of support and advice. We will be working closely with The Bread and Butter Thing team to help make this project a success.”

TBBT collaborates with supermarkets, factories, and farms to redistribute surplus food that would otherwise go to waste due to mislabeling or excess supply. By reducing food waste, TBBT not only supports local communities but also helps mitigate environmental impacts.

Mark Game, CEO of the Bread and Butter Thing, highlighted the organisation’s positive impact on low-income communities, stating, “Our work is having an impact in low-income communities by reducing stress around food and enabling families to eat healthily and affordably. Working in conjunction with Local Authorities and local community partners allows us to spread our service even further and support more people who need it. Our Heckmondwike hub will be our 100th nationally, demonstrating the powerful impacts that our food clubs can have in enabling our members to make their household budgets stretch further. Our members tell us that over 80% of them have previously had to skip meals to feed their families. By using TBBT, most save over £25 a week on their food budgets with the added benefits of better quality and a bigger variety of food. This leads to healthier lifestyles and puts money back in people’s pockets.”

Joining The Bread and Butter Thing is a simple process with no specific criteria. Those interested in becoming members to access the affordable food service can send an email or text to or text 07860 063304. Alternatively, an application form and more information can be found on the organisation’s website at

Individuals looking to contribute as volunteers at the new hub or other locations can find more information and get in touch through the website

For those concerned about rising household costs, assistance is available. To seek advice or support regarding energy bills, food expenses, and ensuring access to entitled benefits, visit: