The Kirklees District CID is appealing to the public for witnesses and advising residents to remain vigilant following a robbery in Huddersfield, where a woman claiming to be in distress stole a Volkswagen Tiguan with the assistance of two males.

The incident, which took place in Kirkheaton on Sunday, June 4, is currently under investigation by the Kirklees District CID. At approximately 2 am on Highgate Lane, a male driver spotted a woman on the side of the road, signalling for assistance. Concerned for her safety, the driver stopped his vehicle, rolled down his window, and engaged in conversation with the woman.

To his surprise, two males suddenly appeared, with one of them unlocking the driver’s car. Without warning, the suspects forcefully pulled the driver out of the vehicle, promptly making their escape in the stolen Volkswagen Tiguan. Approximately thirty minutes later, the stolen vehicle was discovered in a damaged state, abandoned in a field off Highgate Lane.

Authorities suspect that the culprits made their way to the crime scene from the Moor Top Road area. Detective Inspector Matt Sykes of Kirklees CID emphasised the importance of gathering information related to the incident. “We are investigating this incident and would like to speak to anyone who has any information at all about what took place, or any relevant CCTV footage,” stated DI Matt Sykes.

DI Sykes further appealed to the public, urging them to come forward with any footage or information regarding the abandonment of the stolen vehicle on Highgate Lane. He described the offence as unusual and advised residents to remain cautious in light of the incident. “We are conducting a wide number of inquiries, and I would ask anyone who can assist the investigation to contact Kirklees CID on 101, referencing crime number 13230309018,” DI Sykes added.

As the investigation continues, the Kirklees District CID encourages anyone with knowledge of the incident or related evidence to promptly reach out, aiding in the pursuit of justice and ensuring the safety of the community.