In an eventful turn of events, members of the Bradford South NPT Team 2 embarked on a proactive patrol in the Wyke area yesterday, which resulted in the arrest of an individual found in possession of a significant quantity of Class B drugs. The incident unfolded when officers spotted a vehicle on Wyke Lane, catching their attention.

As the driver of the vehicle became aware of the presence of the police vehicle trailing them, a sudden and unexpected action was taken by the front seat passenger. Without wasting a moment, the passenger leapt out of the moving vehicle, clutching a bag, and promptly started a jog in an attempt to evade capture.

This unusual sight piqued the curiosity of the officers, who not only considered it an opportune moment for some exercise but also deemed it necessary to pursue the fleeing male. Engaging in a thrilling chase, encompassing several neighbouring gardens, the suspect’s attempts to scale fences were thwarted, leading to his eventual apprehension as officers successfully tackled him to the ground, his breath laboured from the exertion.

Upon further inspection, the suspect was discovered to be in possession of a substantial quantity of Class B drugs meticulously packaged in dealer bags. Additionally, three mobile phones were found in his possession, raising further suspicions. Initial checks established that the individual was not associated with Carphone Warehouse, ruling out any legitimate reasons for carrying multiple phones.

Consequently, the suspect was promptly arrested on charges of possession with intent to supply Class B drugs. The police seized the drugs, phones, and any accompanying cash as evidence, bolstering their case against him. Following the arrest, the male was interviewed by the police, and it is anticipated that he will face court proceedings once the investigation concludes.

This incident serves as a testament to the vigilant efforts of the Bradford South NPT Team 2 in their relentless pursuit of maintaining public safety and combating drug-related crimes. Their proactive patrols continue to make a significant impact in curbing illegal activities within the region.