Margaret Jewison, a receptionist at Pontefract Hospital’s Urgent Treatment Centre, has been commended for her outstanding dedication and remarkable five decades of service with the NHS. At the age of 74, Margaret Jewison has achieved a significant milestone in her career, having begun her journey in April 1973 at the Medical Records Department of Pontefract General Infirmary.

Margaret’s initial responsibilities involved collecting and organising crucial documentation, including medical records, test results, and X-rays. Over the years, she transitioned into the role of a receptionist at the Accident & Emergency department, as well as the Orthopaedic and Fracture clinics within the hospital. In recognition of her exceptional abilities and commitment, Margaret was promoted to supervisor in 1981, leading a team of nine staff members.

In the early years of her role as a receptionist, Margaret was tasked with contacting patients and scheduling their hospital admissions for surgical procedures. Reflecting on those times, Margaret expressed her deep satisfaction, stating, “I particularly enjoyed those days. It was extremely rewarding working with the orthopaedic and fracture clinics – there was so much activity, and it was interesting work!”

A career highlight for Margaret came during the 1990s when she had the privilege of being introduced to HRH The Princess Royal. This special occasion occurred during the royal visit to inaugurate the newly constructed Accident & Emergency department at Pontefract General Infirmary. Reminiscing about the experience, Margaret recalled, “I was chosen to be presented as I was the supervisor of the new outpatient department there. It was an honour, and I felt extremely privileged.”

Throughout her extensive tenure, Margaret has witnessed significant transformations within the NHS and the Trust, observing the arrival and departure of numerous staff members, as well as the implementation of new departments and procedures. However, retirement is not yet on the horizon for Margaret. “I enjoy coming into work and making a positive contribution to the Trust and our patients; I love meeting people and feel enormously proud to work for the NHS,” she affirmed.

Margaret’s commitment to her role goes beyond personal satisfaction. She shared, “I have met and worked with some amazing people over the years, and we have all wanted to provide the best possible outcomes for the patients and their families.”

In recognition of Margaret Jewison’s exceptional service, the Trust Chairman, Keith Ramsay, personally presented her with a long service award. The accolade included a framed certificate commemorating her 50 years of dedication, as well as an engraved crystal vase. Keith Ramsay expressed his gratitude and admiration for Margaret’s extraordinary contribution to the Trust and acknowledged her continued efforts in her role.

As Margaret Jewison continues to serve with unwavering commitment, her story stands as a testament to the dedication and resilience demonstrated by NHS staff members throughout the years. Her unwavering passion for helping others and her deep pride in being part of the NHS community have solidified her place as an exemplary figure within the Mid Yorkshire Teaching NHS Trust.