Mid Yorkshire Teaching NHS Trust has been bestowed with the prestigious NHS England Pastoral Care Quality Award in recognition of its unwavering commitment to assisting internationally educated nurses and midwives. The trust has exhibited remarkable efforts in recruiting healthcare professionals from across the globe, solidifying its reputation as a leading organisation in the field.

The trust’s international recruitment process has been commendable, attracting talented individuals from diverse backgrounds and ensuring that the NHS receives the best possible care providers. Upon commencing their NHS journey, international recruits are greeted with a warm welcome, as the trust provides extensive support networks, recommendations for accommodation, assistance with the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE), and numerous professional development opportunities to facilitate their seamless integration.

To foster a sense of belonging and facilitate the transition of new nurses, the trust has implemented key projects such as “Stay and Thrive” and buddy mentorships, offering peer pastoral and cultural support. These initiatives enable colleagues to explore various professional development avenues while providing an environment that promotes a smooth adjustment for international recruits.

Expressing his pride in the trust’s accomplishments, Talib Yaseen, Chief Nursing Officer, remarked, “We are very proud to be recognised for the work we do to support our newly recruited international nurses, midwives, and other staff. Relocating to a new job, undergoing examinations, and settling in a foreign country constitute a significant transition. We strive to ensure that everyone feels supported throughout their personal and professional journey.”

“As one of the region’s largest employers, our colleagues collaborate to make a meaningful difference in our patients’ lives. We are dedicated to creating an exceptional and inclusive work environment within the trust, and I am delighted that our efforts are being acknowledged,” added Yaseen.

The contributions of international colleagues have played a pivotal role in enhancing the quality of care provided by the trust. With an outstanding pass rate for the exams, the trust can confidently assure patients that they are in capable and proficient hands.

This recognition not only highlights the exceptional work of Mid Yorkshire Teaching NHS Trust but also underscores the vital importance of supporting and embracing healthcare professionals from around the world. As the trust continues to uphold its commitment to excellence and inclusivity, it serves as a shining example for other organisations within the healthcare sector.