In an exciting development for the Kirklees community, the newly appointed Mayor, Cllr. Cahal Burke, accompanied by Lindley councillor Andrew Smith, embarked on a tour of the upcoming Accident and Emergency (A&E) department at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary (HRI). The facility, scheduled to open in just over four months, left the esteemed visitors awestruck, prompting them to describe it as “fantastic and fascinating.”

During their visit, the Mayor and Councillor Smith were deeply impressed by the unwavering energy and enthusiasm exhibited by everyone involved in the project. They acknowledged the remarkable progress made so far and commended the positive impact the facility would have on the community. Additionally, the officials welcomed the multiple benefits the new A&E would bring, including its role as a healthcare asset and the various opportunities it would provide for the local workforce. Notably, the emphasis placed on training programs and apprenticeships for young individuals entering the job market, as well as the support for local firms and suppliers, received particular praise.

Accompanying the Mayor and councillor were A&E consultant Mark Davies, Director of Transformation Anna Basford, and construction partner Eddie Parker from Vinci. Emma Kovaleski from the CHFT Charity, which the Mayor has chosen to support during his term, was also present. The representatives provided comprehensive insights into the facility’s features and its positive impact on patients, their families, and the medical staff.

Expressing his admiration for the progress made, Cllr. Burke remarked, “I am really impressed with what has been completed so far and all the energy and enthusiasm of everyone involved which is creating so much for the local community. There is so much in all the detail behind it all. You have done a fantastic job.”

Councillor Smith echoed these sentiments, emphasising the importance of prioritising local opportunities, stating, “The emphasis on keeping things focused on all local opportunities was the right thing to do.”

A highlight of the visit included the Mayor witnessing the measures taken to alleviate the anxiety of younger patients in the A&E department. This involved showcasing innovative techniques, such as displaying images of the sky on the ceiling, aimed at providing a distraction and a more pleasant experience for children.

The Mayor’s tour served as a testament to the remarkable progress achieved in the construction of the new A&E facility at HRI. With its imminent opening, the community of Kirklees eagerly anticipates the manifold benefits that the facility will bring, ranging from enhanced healthcare services to a thriving local economy. The dedication and passion displayed by all involved in the project reflect the commitment to serving and uplifting the community in Kirklees.