In a moment of pride for Leeds Teaching Hospitals, the institution has been declared the North East & Yorkshire Regional Champion in the Nursing and Midwifery category at this year’s NHS Parliamentary Awards. The prestigious awards, set to commemorate the NHS’s 75th birthday next month, recognise the remarkable contributions made by individuals and teams in improving healthcare services across the nation.

The entry that garnered this esteemed recognition highlighted the remarkable efforts of Misbah Mahmood, the Deputy Chief Midwifery Information Officer at Leeds Teaching Hospitals. Misbah’s instrumental role in implementing LTHT’s digital maternity care pathway and advocating for digital midwifery transformation at regional and national levels impressed the judges. Her dedication to fostering networking, collaborative problem-solving, and the sharing of best practices has made a significant impact on the field.

The nomination for this accolade came from several influential Members of Parliament, including Stuart Andrew MP, Richard Burgon MP, Fabian Hamilton MP, and Rachel Reeves MP. Their recognition of Misbah Mahmood’s exceptional work highlights the importance of her contributions to the healthcare landscape.

The regional triumph positions Leeds Teaching Hospitals as a contender for the national award. The regional champions will now compete with other winners from across the country, vying for the ultimate honour. The national award will be presented at a special ceremony to be held in Westminster on 5th July, where healthcare luminaries and distinguished guests will gather to celebrate the achievements of the winners.

Leeds Teaching Hospitals can take great pride in this accomplishment, as it reflects the institution’s commitment to delivering exceptional healthcare services. The recognition of Misbah Mahmood’s efforts is a testament to the hospital’s dedication to innovation and the advancement of healthcare practices.

As the NHS prepares to celebrate its 75th anniversary, it is heartening to see healthcare professionals like Misbah Mahmood and organisations like Leeds Teaching Hospitals being commended for their outstanding contributions. Their commitment to transforming healthcare services will undoubtedly inspire others to follow suit, ultimately leading to improved care and better patient outcomes.

The entire community eagerly anticipates the outcome of the national awards ceremony, where Leeds Teaching Hospitals and Misbah Mahmood will have the opportunity to showcase their achievements on a grand stage. Regardless of the final result, their accomplishments will continue to serve as a beacon of inspiration for healthcare professionals and institutions throughout the country.