Leeds City Council is set to implement the first permanent average-speed cameras in West Yorkshire, marking a significant step in enhancing road safety. These cameras will be situated on the A6120 Outer Ring Road and the A647 Stanningley Bypass, forming an integral part of the Connecting West Leeds scheme.

The decision to install the speed cameras is part of a comprehensive strategy developed by the West Yorkshire Safety Camera Partnership, consisting of local authorities across West Yorkshire and West Yorkshire Police. The strategy aims to identify “high-risk” locations, where speed-related incidents have occurred or clear evidence of speeding is evident.

Since the launch of the strategy in February 2023, the council has conducted a thorough assessment of Leeds’ busiest roads. Consequently, the A6120 Outer Ring Road and A647 Stanningley Bypass have been identified as requiring average-speed camera enforcement.

As part of the initiative, the existing speed limits on these roads will be reviewed, resulting in a reduction from the current 70mph/60mph to a continuous 50mph. This adjustment was proposed during the Connecting West Leeds Phase 2 consultation last year, and it garnered a 62 percent positive response.

The fixed-speed cameras presently located on the A647 Stanningley Bypass will be replaced by average-speed cameras, while the former will be relocated to the A647 Stanningley Road. Specifically, they will be positioned in the central reserve near the Armley Grange Drive junction and the central reserve near the Redcote Lane junction. These cameras will enforce traffic speeds in both eastbound and westbound directions. Additionally, three mobile camera bays are already in place on the A647 Stanningley Road near the Moorfield Road, Cockshott Lane, and Houghley Lane junctions.

The installation of the cameras is slated to commence in autumn 2023.

Councillor Helen Hayden, the executive member for infrastructure and climate, expressed her support for the initiative, stating, “Alongside our Leeds Vision Zero 2040 Strategy, the West Yorkshire Safety Camera Partnership’s new strategic approach to enforcement, signage, and speed management allows us to ensure that our neighbourhoods and roads in Leeds are safe for all.” She emphasised the council’s commitment to achieving zero deaths on Leeds roads by 2040 and highlighted the flexible and consistent approach provided by the strategy.

Helen Hayden further emphasised the council’s aim of creating a city where a car is unnecessary, aligning with the Leeds Transport Strategy. She stressed the importance of ensuring road safety for pedestrians, cyclists, and other non-motorised forms of transportation.

Paul Jeffrey, the West Yorkshire Police lead for the West Yorkshire Safety Camera Partnership, reaffirmed the significance of addressing excessive and inappropriate speeding to reduce collisions. He stated that promoting safe speeds across the road network is vital to achieving their Vision Zero goal of preventing avoidable deaths and serious injuries.

The installation of permanent average-speed cameras is expected to contribute significantly to improving road safety in West Yorkshire, creating a safer environment for all road users and advancing the region’s Vision Zero objectives.