Kirklees Council has taken an unconventional approach to combat the scorching temperatures this summer by deploying winter gritters on the roads. While this sight may raise eyebrows and prompt bewildered looks from passersby, it is all part of the council’s strategy to maintain road safety during hot weather.

With the anticipation of soaring temperatures in the coming week, the dedicated team from Kirklees Council will be hard at work spreading a fine dust over the sizzling tarmac. This proactive measure aims to prevent the melting of the road surface, thus ensuring the safety of motorists.

Surprisingly, the outside temperature need only reach the high 20s (Celsius) for the tar on the roads to become significantly softer than usual. This vulnerability arises due to the road’s surface being at least 10 degrees Celsius hotter, rendering it sticky and more susceptible to pressure from heavy vehicles. As a consequence, the tarmac can become fragile and give rise to the dreaded potholes.

In an effort to combat this menace, Kirklees Council has been utilising their grit lorries, typically associated with winter maintenance. These vehicles can be seen traversing the roads of Kirklees, spreading a layer of fine dust comprised of ground-down stone. This dust serves two purposes: creating a non-stick surface and minimising damage to the road caused by the scorching weather.

The fine dust is skillfully absorbed into the road surface, playing a crucial role in averting the melting of the tarmac and maintaining its solidity. By adopting this approach, Kirklees Council ensures that the road surfaces remain as safe as possible for drivers, minimising the risk of accidents or damage to vehicles.

As the sun continues to shine brightly, the sight of these grit lorries may become a familiar one in Kirklees. Rest assured, these vehicles are not misplaced but rather engaged in a vital task of safeguarding the road infrastructure during the sweltering summer months.

While it may be unusual to witness winter gritters in action during the summertime, Kirklees Council’s foresight and proactive approach are commendable. By taking the necessary precautions to combat the adverse effects of the scorching temperatures, the council demonstrates its commitment to the safety and well-being of the local community.

So, if you spot the grit lorries sprinkling fine dust along the roads, know that it is an essential measure to preserve the integrity of the road surface and ensure a smooth and secure journey for all motorists.