Kirklees Council’s Cabinet convened today to discuss the advancement of the council’s Housing Delivery Plan and approved the next crucial steps in supporting their pivotal targets for housing growth.

The objective of the Housing Delivery Plan is to ensure the provision of a substantial number of high-quality homes, with a particular emphasis on affordable housing. The council aims to construct residences in a manner that contributes to its overarching goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2038.

Presently, there are 41 council-owned housing sites under development throughout Kirklees. Additionally, the council is extending extensive assistance to private developers to foster increased housing construction.

The Homes & Neighbourhoods team, responsible for assisting council tenants across Kirklees, is actively engaged in an initiative to develop additional council-owned properties. Furthermore, they have implemented a scheme through which they purchase houses from former council tenants interested in selling. This multifaceted approach not only facilitates the availability of more council homes district-wide but also supports other strategic objectives, particularly concerning vulnerable individuals requiring temporary accommodation.

During today’s meeting, the Cabinet focused on the forthcoming actions for various projects within the Housing Development Plan.

Among the items discussed were council-owned sites that currently remain undeveloped. The potential sale of these sites was explored, aiming to generate additional funds to be allocated to other areas of work, while still ensuring the provision of much-needed housing.

The Cabinet also examined the future collaboration with developers to promote the construction of affordable homes.

Councillor Graham Turner, the Cabinet Member for Growth & Regeneration, expressed his thoughts on the matter, stating, “In Kirklees, our housing situation mirrors the national shortage. We have already undertaken a multifaceted approach to tackle this issue head-on, striving to deliver new, high-quality, and affordable homes across Kirklees.”

Turner emphasised the importance of maintaining a comprehensive approach throughout the implementation of the Housing Development Plan. By doing so, the council aims to address the needs of aspiring homeowners, private renters, council tenants, and other developers. Collaboration with diverse partners and organisations remains central to their strategy, enabling tailored solutions for the variety of sites available and maximising the number of homes delivered for both rental and purchase purposes.

“Our ambitious objectives and the prevailing economic climate necessitate a continuous evaluation of ourselves and our strategy. This ensures that we achieve optimal outcomes for the entire community of Kirklees,” added Councillor Turner.

As Kirklees Council forges ahead with its Housing Delivery Plan, its commitment to providing adequate, sustainable, and affordable housing remains steadfast. The council is resolved to work alongside existing partners while actively seeking new collaborations to realise their aspirations and meet the pressing housing needs of the district.