Kirklees Council has joined forces with Wellspring Academy Trust to embark on an ambitious project aimed at creating a state-of-the-art special school in Deighton. This collaborative effort seeks to improve upon the existing site of Joseph Norton Academy in Scissett.

Joseph Norton Academy, situated in Scissett, currently provides only 63 places for students. Although the semi-rural setting and the inclusion of a school farm have been beneficial, the outdated infrastructure of the Scissett premises poses limitations on further development. Moreover, students often have to endure long commutes to attend the school.

The proposed special school in Deighton would not only offer a significantly increased number of places for students aged between 4 and 18 (covering Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 5), but it would also present expanded opportunities for a broader age range. The new facility will be housed within a modern, purpose-built structure that caters to the diverse needs of Joseph Norton Academy’s students.

The council has identified a preferred location for the replacement school—the land previously occupied by the Deighton Centre, which holds a central position in Kirklees.

In order to gather public opinion on the project, the council urges community members to actively participate and voice their views. To engage in the discussion, individuals can visit

Additionally, the council extends an invitation to attend in-person consultation events, providing an opportunity for face-to-face interaction and feedback. The details of these events are as follows:

  1. Tuesday, 20th June, from 3pm to 6pm
    Chestnut Centre, Deighton, HD2 1HJ
  2. Saturday, 24th June, starting at 11am
    Deighton Carnival, Deighton Sports Fields, HD2 1JP
  3. Tuesday, 27th June, from 5pm to 7pm
    Brian Jackson House, Huddersfield, HD1 5JP

The council welcomes the active involvement of the community in shaping the future of Joseph Norton Academy and encourages all interested parties to participate in the upcoming events or share their thoughts online. Together, we can build a vibrant educational environment that meets the needs of students with special requirements.