In commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the arrival of the Empire Windrush ship at Tilbury Docks, ITV has partnered with the Pride of Britain to commission a poignant new documentary. Titled “The Windrush Generation” (working title), the film aims to shed light on the experiences of those who left the Caribbean for a new life in Britain.

Renowned figures such as Sir Trevor McDonald, Alesha Dixon, Mel B, Judy Love, and HRH The Prince of Wales will join members of the Windrush generation to delve into their personal stories. Through these encounters, the documentary promises to provide a powerful and eye-opening insight into the lives of over 500,000 individuals who arrived in Britain between 1948 and 1971, initially seeking employment in the NHS and transportation sectors.

Spanning various locations across the UK, the 60-minute film is being produced by Multistory Media, a division of ITV Studios. It will unite narratives that celebrate the significant contributions made by the Windrush generation to British life and culture. Additionally, the documentary will shed light on the hardships many faced in their quest for citizenship, despite having resided in the UK for several years and diligently paying taxes. This struggle became widely known as the Windrush scandal.

“The Windrush Generation” is a collaborative effort between ITV, Pride of Britain, and the Daily Mirror. Nicola Lloyd, Factual Commissioning Editor, and Sue Murphy, Head of Factual Entertainment, have spearheaded the project on behalf of ITV.

Speaking about the documentary, Nicola Lloyd expressed, “The Windrush generation has played an integral role in our recent history, and we want to commemorate their 75th anniversary by capturing the captivating human stories of those who left Caribbean island life for a fresh start in Britain. By hearing firsthand accounts of how their experiences transformed lives and profoundly impacted post-war Britain, we aim to create narratives that will deeply resonate with viewers.”

Mark Scantlebury and Elen Moore have assumed the roles of Executive Producers for Multistory Media, while Jessica Phillips will direct the film. Jessica, who shares Jamaican heritage, passionately stated, “The Windrush generation’s enduring and immeasurable contribution to Britain cannot be overstated. As the daughter of Jamaican parents, it has been an honour to pay tribute to the incredible individuals featured in this film. Through their stories, we have endeavoured to capture the spirit and significance of those who arrived and rebuilt Britain after World War II, forever reshaping and enriching the cultural fabric of our nation for generations to come.”

Alison Phillips, Editor of the Daily Mirror, expressed her enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “We are delighted to work with ITV on this highly significant documentary that highlights the achievements, as well as the challenges, faced by members of the Windrush Generation and their descendants in this 75th anniversary year. We hope this film embodies the exemplary values of Pride of Britain, entertaining, inspiring, and challenging all who watch.”

“The Windrush Generation” (working title) will be broadcast on ITV1 later this year, promising to captivate audiences with its poignant and enlightening narrative.