In a bold move, ITV has commissioned a thought-provoking current affairs documentary delving into the closure of England’s sole dedicated National Health Service (NHS) service for trans children. “The Clinic,” a captivating documentary, sheds light on the rise and fall of the Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) at the renowned Tavistock Centre.

For over three decades, GIDS has been the sole provider of treatment for young individuals grappling with gender identity issues in England. However, the demand for its services experienced an explosive surge in the decade leading up to 2020. The critical turning point came when Dr. Hilary Cass, tasked with evaluating the service, vehemently criticised GIDS for its research on puberty blockers and extensive waiting times. Subsequently, the service was compelled to close its doors, leaving numerous children in a state of medical uncertainty.

“The Clinic,” produced by Rogan Productions Scotland and commissioned by Tom Giles, ITV’s Controller of Current Affairs, offers a compelling narrative. It features testimonies from patients, parents, clinicians, and campaigners who were involved with GIDS. The documentary also includes insights from former Health Secretary Sajid Javid, providing a vivid portrayal of the circumstances leading to the service’s closure. The documentary arrives amidst an ongoing, highly charged debate surrounding trans issues and gender identity in both public and cultural spheres in the United Kingdom.

Mark Hedgecoe, Executive Producer at Rogan Productions, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, stating, “The Tavistock GIDS clinic has been such an important story, not just for anyone interested in trans issues, but also for the broader discussion around gender in recent years. It has been utterly fascinating to engage with the various stakeholders involved and piece together the events that transpired over the years.”

Tom Giles, ITV’s Controller of Current Affairs and the driving force behind the documentary emphasised the intention to move beyond the polarising rhetoric of the “culture wars” often associated with this contentious subject. He commented, “We aimed to conduct an investigation into this highly controversial issue that goes beyond the superficial debates. This documentary will provide a platform for those directly impacted by the service – the patients, their families, and the clinicians involved – to present a comprehensive account, ultimately unfolding as one of the significant medical narratives of our time.”

“The Clinic” forms an integral part of ITV’s esteemed BAFTA-winning Exposure current affairs series. With its commitment to in-depth and impactful storytelling, the documentary promises to offer viewers a poignant perspective on a complex and pressing matter that continues to shape societal conversations.