Hunslet’s head coach, Alan Kilshaw, has finalised his 21-man squad for their upcoming Betfred League One fixture against Oldham on Saturday. Despite the team’s preparations, they will be without Fraser Stroud and Nathan Newbound due to their ongoing injuries. However, there is some positive news as fullback Jimmy Watson, who recently suffered a serious finger injury at work, is back in light training.

Ahead of the crucial match, Kilshaw expressed his confidence in the team, highlighting their strong traits and unity both on and off the field. He emphasised the significant connection between the players, supporters, board, and volunteers who work tirelessly for the club. Kilshaw believes that this connection will be vital in facing challenging games like the upcoming fixture against Oldham.

Oldham, like Hunslet, is also vying for promotion, adding to the significance of the match. Kilshaw acknowledged the threat posed by Oldham’s football prowess and highlighted the importance of playing a specific style of Rugby League that counters their opponents’ strengths. He emphasised the need for adaptability in the face of external factors, underscoring that his team excels under pressure.

The 21-man squad selected for the match includes players such as Jack Render, Adam Ryder, Joe Burton, Jake Sweeting, Nathan Conroy, Harvey Hallas, Sam Hallas, Steve Crossley, Josh Jordan-Roberts, Michael Knowles, Danny Barcoe, Jordan Syme, Lewis Wray, Morgan Punchard, Aaron York, Spencer Darley, Sean Croston, Brad Wheeler, Alfie Goddard, Matty Beharrell, and Johnny Campbell.

There has been a change in the match schedule, with the kick-off time shifted from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. This alteration came about following an agreement between the two clubs involved.

The clash between Hunslet and Oldham promises to be a challenging encounter, with both teams eyeing promotion. The Hunslet squad, backed by their strong connection and unity, will strive to illustrate their mettle and overcome the obstacles posed by Oldham’s footballing prowess. The kick-off time change adds further anticipation to what is expected to be an exciting and closely contested match.