In a significant boost to the district’s tourism infrastructure, the public toilets at one of Haworth’s premier tourist destinations have undergone a complete refurbishment. This much-needed renovation was made possible by a generous allocation of £130,000 from the Keighley Towns Fund, and the upgraded facilities on West Lane have recently been opened to the public.

While a modern toilet block was constructed in Haworth Park during the early 2000s, the conveniences on West Lane were in dire need of investment to bring them up to contemporary standards. It is worth noting that this year alone, over 7,000 individuals utilised both sets of public toilets in Haworth, underscoring the importance of maintaining well-appointed facilities for the benefit of residents and visitors alike.

Councillor Alex Ross-Shaw, the Executive Member for Regeneration, Planning, and Transport at Bradford Council, expressed satisfaction with the successful acquisition of funding for the public toilets in Haworth. He commended the diligent efforts of the Towns Fund Board and the Haworth, Crossroads, and Stanbury Parish Council in delivering an exceptional scheme that is expected to be greatly appreciated by the local community and visitors to Haworth for years to come.

Ian Hayfield, Chair of the Keighley Towns Fund, highlighted the key improvements that have been made to the toilets. These enhancements include the installation of touch-less flushing toilets and taps, resulting in increased hygiene levels. Moreover, the refurbishment has facilitated long-term sustainability by enabling energy and water savings.

Renowned for its literary heritage and picturesque charm, Haworth stands as one of the most popular tourist destinations in West Yorkshire. Drawing in excess of 320,000 visitors annually, the village has a positive impact on local businesses and the wider economy. The Bronte Parsonage, a prominent attraction in Haworth, alone welcomes over 80,000 visitors each year, and the village’s quaint Main Street offers breathtaking views that further captivate the imagination of tourists. Furthermore, Haworth hosts various events throughout the year, with the highly popular 1940s weekend attracting over 40,000 visitors across its two-day duration.

The successful completion of the public toilet refurbishment not only enhances the visitor experience in Haworth but also demonstrates the commitment of local authorities and the Keighley Towns Fund to invest in the sustainable development of key tourist infrastructure. With these modernised facilities, Haworth is well-positioned to continue welcoming tourists and showcasing its unique heritage for the foreseeable future.