Safdar Ali, a 37-year-old resident of Highfield Terrace, has been handed a prison sentence after fleeing the scene of a serious injury crash and failing to stop following an earlier collision. The verdict was delivered by Bradford Crown Court on Monday, 26 June.

The incident, which occurred on 8 November 2021, began when authorities received reports of a BMW that had failed to halt after a collision and subsequently became involved in another crash on Shroggs Road in Halifax.

Swift police response led officers to the scene where witnesses revealed that Ali had been concealing himself in nearby bushes. The ensuing investigation determined that Ali’s vehicle had struck a VW Tiguan on Wood Lane, causing significant damage to both cars. Ignoring the repercussions, Ali then overtook multiple vehicles before colliding with a Ford Focus and a Mini on Shroggs Road.

Upon his apprehension, Ali displayed signs of being under the influence of drugs. Despite his denial of being the driver, he was taken into custody and transported to a hospital. However, Ali refused to provide a blood sample during his medical examination, leading to his subsequent charge for this offence.

Further inquiries conclusively established Ali as the driver responsible for both collisions. As a result, he was charged with causing serious injury by dangerous driving.

At his sentencing, Ali was convicted of his dangerous driving offences and failing to provide a specimen. The court imposed a total prison term of three years and 32 weeks on Ali.

Following the verdict, Detective Sergeant Kris Roberts, from Calderdale District CID, expressed his views on the matter, stating, “Ali’s appalling driving left three people in need of medical treatment. Among the victims was a mother with a young child, whose injuries were so severe that she remains unable to care for her child and continues to endure the lasting effects of this incident.”

DS Roberts also made it clear that West Yorkshire has a zero-tolerance policy towards dangerous driving. He emphasised that individuals who choose to engage in such reckless behaviour can expect to face judicial consequences and, in this particular case, endure a significant period of incarceration.

The case serves as a reminder of the importance of responsible driving and the severe repercussions that can result from failing to adhere to traffic laws. Authorities remain committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of all road users in West Yorkshire.