Gemma Collins, renowned for her appearances on reality TV shows, will be teaming up with her best friend and BBC Radio 1 presenter, Melvin Odoom, as they take part in the popular television series, Celebrity Antiques Road Trip. The dynamic duo will be filming their episode, which is set to air later this year.

Celebrity Antiques Road Trip, a long-running program produced by STV Studios, has been a highlight of BBC Two’s autumn schedule since 2011. The show features well-known celebrities who compete against each other in a quest to uncover fascinating antiques and generate the highest profits at auction. Guided by expert antique enthusiasts, the famous faces embark on a thrilling journey across the United Kingdom, seeking hidden treasures in various locations.

While Gemma Collins might seem like an unexpected addition to the lineup, she has been diversifying her talents and interests, making a name for herself in unexpected arenas. Previously, she showcased her culinary skills on Celebrity MasterChef and even appeared on the nature-focused program Springwatch. Joining Celebrity Antiques Road Trip adds yet another string to the former star of The Only Way Is Essex’s bow.

Collins and Odoom, known for their vibrant personalities and undeniable chemistry, were spotted outside a shop that specialises in buying and selling antiques, setting the stage for their upcoming episode. Fans eagerly anticipate witnessing the pair’s unique dynamic as they compete against each other and strive to find the most valuable items to sell at auction.

The forthcoming episode, featuring Gemma Collins and Melvin Odoom, promises to be an entertaining and enlightening instalment of Celebrity Antiques Road Trip. Viewers can look forward to the duo’s adventures and discoveries as they explore the diverse world of antiques and put their skills to the test. Stay tuned for the broadcast later this year to see if Gemma and Melvin can secure a lucrative deal and reign victorious in the ultimate battle of celebrity antique hunting.