In a surprise twist during tonight’s special episode, Peter Beale made a triumphant comeback and is set to grace the streets of Walford once again. Accompanied by his parents, Ian and Cindy, Peter, portrayed by Thomas Law, is expected to reprise his role later this summer, rekindling the Beale family’s presence in EastEnders.

Peter Beale holds a significant place in Walford’s history as the eldest living son of Ian, the show’s longest-serving character (played by Adam Woodyatt), and the iconic Cindy Beale (portrayed by Michelle Collins). Debuting on screens in 1993 alongside his twin sister Lucy, Peter was portrayed by Thomas Law between 2006 and 2010.

Throughout his time on the show, Peter’s character has been at the centre of some of EastEnders’ most memorable storylines. Notably, he played a pivotal role in the gripping “Who Killed Lucy Beale?” whodunnit in 2014, which led to his younger brother Bobby (played by Clay Milner Russell) being wrongfully imprisoned for their sister’s tragic demise.

In 2022, Peter departed Albert Square after emptying his grandmother Kathy’s business account. He has since been residing in France with his estranged mother, Cindy. With unresolved issues and parents who have managed to alienate themselves from most of Walford’s residents, it is certain that Peter’s return will be far from smooth-sailing. Viewers eagerly await the unfolding drama that awaits the Beale family and the reasons behind their reunion.

Expressing his excitement about reprising the role, Thomas Law stated, “Over the years, I had hoped for a return to the Square, although I never thought it would happen, so it’s an absolute delight to be back in Walford as Peter Beale. It’s been great to see familiar and new faces, and I can’t wait to explore the character again in the wake of Cindy’s return – it’s an exciting time to return!”

Executive Producer Chris Clenshaw also expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “I’m thrilled to welcome Thomas back to the role of Peter Beale. Although his time away from the Square has been short-lived, the Beale family dynamics have changed immensely since he last left Walford. Viewers will soon learn the details relating to how he came to learn that his mum, Cindy, was, in fact, alive, and how he and dad, Ian, reconciled their differences. We’re delighted to have him back permanently, but one thing is for certain, the Beale’s comeback will be nothing less than explosive for the Square.”

As anticipation builds for Peter Beale’s return, EastEnders fans eagerly await the emotional rollercoaster that lies ahead, as the Beale family takes centre stage once again in Walford.