Channel 4 has announced its collaboration with Bowled Over Media and Motion Content Group to produce an exciting new 20×60′ daytime format called “Narrow Escapes.” The series will delve into the lives of individuals who have traded their conventional homes for a unique life on the water.

“Narrow Escapes” will introduce viewers to a diverse community of people residing on the UK’s canal network, affectionately referred to as the waterways. Retirees seeking freedom, young individuals in pursuit of affordable living alternatives, newlyweds, families, and divorcees will all feature prominently in the show, presenting a vibrant tapestry of individuals from various walks of life, ages, and backgrounds.

From continuous cruisers to business owners operating from their boats, as well as the workers and volunteers responsible for maintaining the waterways, “Narrow Escapes” offers a captivating glimpse into modern canal life. Audiences will be exposed to the realities of this lifestyle, including practical aspects such as adhering to rules, understanding costs, and managing the challenges of narrow boating. Additionally, the series will explore the joys of caring for pets, engaging in narrowboat DIY projects, hosting parties, and even waving to onlookers from the towpath.

The journey across the country will enable viewers to witness the locks being opened and closed alongside those who have embraced this unique way of life. Furthermore, the show promises a breathtaking view of the natural world from the water, providing encounters with a diverse range of wildlife that also calls the waterways home.

Expressing her excitement about the upcoming series, Gill Brown, commissioning editor for Channel 4, said, “Narrow Escapes is a joyful and inspiring series capturing the diverse characters living on our canals and showcasing the unique perks and quirks of narrow boat living, as well as revelling in the magnificent scenery and nature in the UK.”

Heidi Gomes, Creative Director of Bowled Over Media, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to capture the reality of life on the waterways, saying, “What a complete privilege it’s been to be welcomed into our contributors’ narrow, floating homes, to catch a glimpse of the reality of life on the waterways. […] From watching businesses, families, couples, and solo boaters, we hope the audience will enjoy tuning in every day for a Narrow Escape!”

Motion Content Group’s Head of Creative Diversity, Deep Sehgal, applauded the talented team at Bowled Over Media and highlighted the significance of the commission, stating, “The scale and ambition of this commission, exploring Britain’s beautiful canal network, represents well-deserved recognition of their ability to tell great stories and achieve mainstream success.”

“Narrow Escapes” was made possible through funding from Channel 4 and Motion Content Group’s Diverse Indies Fund, which supports small and medium-sized independent production companies owned by ethnically diverse individuals. The fund is editorially overseen by Vivienne Molokwu, Senior Commissioning Editor at Channel 4, and managed by Deep Sehgal, Head of Creative Diversity at Motion Content Group.

The 20×60′ series will air on Channel 4 Daytime and was commissioned by Gill Brown, Commissioning Editor for Daytime and Features, alongside Jo Street, Head of Daytime and Features. Bowled Over Media and Motion Content Group are producing the show, with Heidi Gomes as the Series Producer, Chris Hailes as the Series Director, and Sarah Adams as the Producer. Motion Content Group’s Executive Producer is Deep Sehgal.