Parks and local green spaces in Calderdale are set to undergo significant improvements with the allocation of £500,000 in funding from Sport England. The investment aims to enhance the quality and accessibility of these recreational areas, making it easier for residents to engage in physical activities.

The successful bid for funding was confirmed by Sport England to Calderdale Council, who will utilise the £500,000 grant to support the Active Calderdale local delivery pilot. This initiative seeks to create safe, attractive, and easily accessible spaces within parks, encouraging more individuals to partake in physical exercises.

The funding will be primarily directed towards areas in Calderdale where additional support is needed to promote physical activity within local communities. To ensure the success of the project, a collaborative effort between Calderdale Council, local communities, and various organisations involved in the maintenance and utilisation of parks will be established. Public sector organisations and local friends groups will play a vital role in the implementation process.

This funding injection will complement the ongoing endeavours in Calderdale, including the continuous improvements at Shroggs Park. The council, in conjunction with the Friends Group and local residents, has been spearheading an extensive enhancement program in the area. The investment has been instrumental in transforming Shroggs Park into a more inviting, visually appealing, and easily accessible space while prioritising its long-term sustainability.

Councillor Tim Swift, Calderdale Council’s Cabinet Member for Public Health, emphasised the significance of parks and green spaces in promoting the health and well-being of the community. He acknowledged the pivotal role played by these areas during the COVID-19 pandemic, as more people sought solace and engaged in physical and mental health activities within local parks.

Councillor Swift stated, “We want to encourage people to continue to enjoy local green spaces by working with communities to make these spaces more accessible and creating safe, welcoming areas, which in turn will support physical activity.”

He further expressed his gratitude for the funding from Sport England, highlighting its crucial contribution to Calderdale Council’s ongoing commitment to reducing inequalities and promoting the Active Calderdale mission of fostering physical activity in any chosen form.

Lisa Dodd-Mayne, Executive Director – Place at Sport England, expressed excitement about the investment and its potential to transform Calderdale’s parks into more inclusive and appealing spaces. She noted that the lessons learned from this funding endeavour would assist Calderdale in ensuring its parks are accessible to individuals who have not previously utilised them.

The infusion of £500,000 from Sport England represents a significant step toward improving Calderdale’s parks and green spaces, further enriching the lives of residents and promoting a healthier and more active community. With a collaborative approach and a commitment to inclusivity, Calderdale Council and its partners are poised to create a lasting impact on the local landscape, ensuring that parks remain a cherished asset for generations to come.