Calderdale Council has successfully secured £4.14 million in grant funding from the government’s Home Upgrade Grant Phase 2 scheme. The funding, subject to approval, will be allocated towards improving the energy efficiency of homes in the area, making them warmer, healthier, and more cost-effective to heat.

The Cabinet of Calderdale Council is set to review the plans for the use of this funding, which will focus on providing insulation and clean heating technology to low-income households that are either off the gas network or using alternative fuel types for their primary space heating systems.

Under the proposed scheme, up to 200 homes in the borough will undergo significant improvements, including energy efficiency upgrades that will result in reduced carbon emissions, lower energy bills, and increased resilience against future energy price hikes. Additionally, the initiative aims to enhance ventilation in these homes, thereby mitigating the risks of condensation, dampness, and mould growth. Such measures are crucial, particularly for vulnerable groups such as babies, young children, and the elderly, as they help prevent respiratory illnesses that can be exacerbated by living in cold and poorly ventilated environments.

The project will primarily target homeowners and private renters, and efforts will be made to identify those who are likely to qualify for support. Once the scheme is officially launched, eligible individuals will be encouraged to apply for funding. Households eligible for the Home Upgrade Grant Phase 2 must either be located in specific areas of the borough or have a combined gross household income of less than £31,000 per year, along with an existing energy efficiency performance rating of D or lower.

Councillor Scott Patient, the Cabinet Member for Climate Action, Active Travel, and Housing, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “It’s fantastic news that we’ve been successful in our bid for this significant funding. The proposals we’ll be considering will make a real difference to some of the harder-to-heat homes across the borough and also support several of the Council’s key priorities, including tackling the climate emergency, reducing inequalities, and supporting thriving towns and places.”

The council recognises the unique heating challenges posed by older, stone-built properties and believes that this funding will facilitate improvements that not only save residents money but also promote healthier living conditions.

The Home Upgrade Grant Phase 2 Energy Efficiency Scheme is scheduled to be discussed during the Calderdale Council’s Cabinet meeting on Monday, June 12th, at the Halifax Town Hall. The meeting is set to commence at 6 pm and will provide an opportunity for stakeholders to gain insight into the council’s plans and express their opinions on the initiative.