Calderdale Council is set to make revisions to its parking charges across the borough, aiming to ensure that parking spaces are allocated appropriately. The council conducts a thorough review of charges every two years to ensure that its approach to on-street and off-street parking aligns with strategic policies regarding transportation, traffic management, the climate emergency, and the development of thriving towns.

Although some existing charges were extended during autumn 2021, parking fees in the borough have remained unchanged for at least four years, and in certain areas, charges have not been altered for over a decade.

At the upcoming June meeting of Calderdale Council’s Cabinet, members will deliberate on a report outlining proposals for revised parking charges in the borough. These suggestions encompass increases in current charges, the potential introduction of new charges, as well as locations where charges may remain the same or even decrease.

The proposed changes have been informed by surveys on usage and occupancy levels, insights from local officers, and feedback from residents and businesses. As a result, the proposals differ from town to town, recognising the distinct functionality of each place.

The report also includes recommendations for innovative approaches, such as a short-stay “pop and shop” initiative. Additionally, it incorporates measures to support the council’s objectives of achieving net zero carbon and reducing emissions, including the introduction of discounted green (electric vehicle) parking permits.

The proposed increases predominantly target on-street spaces and short-stay central car parks, which are in high demand among motorists. The objective is to encourage turnover and improve the availability of parking spaces for individuals wishing to park in these areas. Blue badge holders will continue to enjoy free on-street and council car park parking privileges.

The revenue generated from the proposed changes will be utilised to maintain and enhance the highway network throughout the borough. This includes a significant investment in white lining, with a focus on areas requiring refreshed lining for safety purposes or to ensure effective traffic management.

Cllr Jenny Lynn, Calderdale Council’s Cabinet Member for Public Services and Communities, acknowledged that increases in parking charges are never popular but emphasised that the proposed changes are the result of a comprehensive review of parking across the borough, taking into account charges imposed by neighbouring authorities.

Lynn further explained, “This wouldn’t be a blanket increase across the borough. We’ve carefully looked at the circumstances of each town and each individual car park and on-street location to come up with a package of proposals which reflect local need, including some increases, some charges remaining the same, and some decreases in charges.”

The council is also examining the usage patterns of existing car parks to identify areas where changes could align with wider objectives, such as regeneration projects or the establishment of electric vehicle charging hubs.

All income derived from the proposed changes will be reinvested in the highways network, facilitating the maintenance and advancement of parking technology.

The Parking Charges Review report will be discussed at the Calderdale Council’s Cabinet meeting on Monday, June 12, 2023. The meeting will take place at Halifax Town Hall, commencing at 6 pm.