Calderdale Council is set to embark on an ambitious venture that aims to transform a sizable site in Clifton into a bustling business park, with the potential to generate 1,300 job opportunities and deliver substantial benefits for Calderdale and West Yorkshire as a whole.

Aligned with the Council’s unwavering commitment to cultivating thriving towns and places, the proposed Clifton Business Park endeavours to bolster economic growth, provide local individuals and businesses with promising prospects and build upon Calderdale’s fervent aspirations.

The Council has long sought financial support to render the land suitable for sustainable development. Despite previous unsuccessful attempts to secure grants from the Government’s Levelling Up Fund, the Council has now taken a decisive step by initiating a tender process to identify a specialist developer who can serve as a strategic partner, leveraging their expertise to ensure the successful realisation of commercial units at Clifton Business Park.

Should the tender process yield a suitable joint venture, the selected developer would collaborate closely with the Council, undertaking responsibilities such as financing, managing the design, planning, construction, and marketing of the project. Together, they would explore avenues to maximise the scheme’s value, pooling their individual expertise to deliver optimal benefits to local and regional businesses.

The Council remains steadfast in its belief in the immense potential of Clifton Business Park. Large tracts of undeveloped employment land possessing such a unique blend of qualities are a rarity. With the site already possessing planning permission, a strong demand from businesses looking to establish a presence, and its proximity to the M62 motorway, as well as the nearby Brighouse town centre and a skilled local workforce, Clifton has all the necessary ingredients to become a transformational Enterprise Zone. These zones are designated areas that offer tax incentives and government support to new and expanding firms.

Expressing her confidence in the project, Cllr Jane Scullion, Leader of Calderdale Council, stated, “We aim to instil a sense of pride in the place where people live and conduct their business. A pivotal aspect of this endeavour is the Council’s commitment to fostering prosperity in every corner of Calderdale. Furthermore, we aspire to enhance our borough’s contribution to the wider West Yorkshire economy.”

“The proposed Clifton Business Park represents a remarkable regeneration project that aims to achieve these objectives. It serves as a testament to our ambitious vision for Calderdale and our dedication to translating that vision into tangible reality, in line with our Vision 2024 for Calderdale and the Local Plan,” added Cllr Scullion.

The site’s potential to generate 1,300 high-quality jobs for Calderdale and West Yorkshire, attract substantial investments and new businesses to Brighouse, contribute to the region’s inclusive economic recovery through sustainable development, and support local climate action through the implementation of new walking and cycling routes, as well as the cultivation of trees and plants, underscores the Council’s unwavering resolve to invest in the future of Clifton.

The Council is determined to turn Clifton Business Park into a tangible and vibrant hub of economic activity. By taking an enterprising approach and exploring the possibility of partnering with external experts experienced in advancing similar projects, the Council seeks to bring this ambitious vision to fruition, solidifying Clifton’s position as a key catalyst for growth and prosperity in the region.