Bradford Children and Families Trust has initiated a new campaign aimed at raising awareness about parental conflict and its impact on children and families. The “Relationships Matter” campaign seeks to educate parents on the causes of conflict and provide guidance and support resources.

While it is normal for couples to have occasional arguments in their relationships, if resolved fairly, these conflicts typically do not cause harm. However, during stressful events like having a baby, moving house, experiencing unemployment, or facing financial difficulties, the risk of arguments escalating increases. Unfortunately, when children witness these heated arguments, it can significantly affect their mental health, behaviour, and academic performance.

The Families and Young Persons Information (FYI) website hosts valuable information about the Relationships Matter campaign. Developed by the Bradford Children and Families Trust and Bradford Council, FYI serves as a comprehensive resource for families, offering advice on coping with the cost-of-living crisis, childcare, mental health and wellbeing, employment, training, and parenting courses.

The Relationships Matter section of the website provides parents with practical tips for resolving conflict and managing stress. Additionally, it offers details about local services available to them. Parents can also download a copy of the specially commissioned “Little Book of Relationship Tips” from the website.

Expressing her enthusiasm, Charlotte Ramsden, Chief Executive of Bradford Children and Families Trust, stated, “I’m excited to launch the Relationships Matter campaign in Bradford. While all relationships experience moments of conflict, when that conflict becomes intense, frequent, and poorly resolved, it can adversely affect the development and wellbeing of children and young people. The Relationships Matter service equips parents with the necessary tools to address conflict constructively, without causing harm to those around them.”

Relationships Matter forms part of a broader initiative called the Reducing Parental Conflict programme, led by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). This program collaborates closely with local authorities and their partners throughout England to facilitate the integration of services and approaches that aim to reduce parental conflict in local family services. The program has also provided funding for training practitioners working within children and families services. In the lead-up to the launch of Relationship Matters, over 200 individuals have participated in specially curated sessions designed to assist parents in resolving conflicts.

For further information about the Relationships Matter service, interested individuals can visit