Bradford Council has recently released a report on its equality initiatives, following a comprehensive review conducted by a team of experts from other local authorities and the Local Government Association (LGA).

The review team visited Bradford in November 2022 and dedicated two days to meeting council staff, councillors, and stakeholders. Their report highlights the commendable efforts made by the council in advancing its equalities agenda.

One of the key aspects praised by the peer review team is the council’s RESPECT campaign, which has been instrumental in promoting inclusivity and respect within the organisation. The team also commended the establishment of seven staff networks, recognising their effectiveness in empowering employees to challenge discriminatory behaviour.

Furthermore, the report acknowledges the commitment of senior managers in addressing inequalities and discrimination. It emphasises the strength of the council’s partnerships with key stakeholders in the voluntary and community services sector, as well as its collaborations with statutory partners.

While the report celebrates the achievements of the council, it also provides recommendations for areas that require improvement. These suggestions encompass enhancing the handling of reasonable adjustments for disabled staff members, optimising the utilisation of data, and expediting the investigation process for formal grievances.

Cllr Abdul Jabar, the Executive Member for Neighbourhoods and Community Safety at Bradford Council, expressed the council’s unwavering dedication to tackling inequalities and discrimination. He described the Equality Peer Challenge as a valuable opportunity to reflect on their equality, diversity, and inclusion agenda, assessing both their strengths and areas for improvement.

Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe, the leader of Bradford Council, warmly welcomed the report and its conclusions. She particularly noted the recognition given by community representatives and staff members, affirming the significant progress achieved in recent years. Cllr Hinchcliffe stressed that the insightful feedback from esteemed colleagues in local government would greatly influence the council’s future priorities and plans. The recommendations provided in the report will aid ongoing efforts to ensure equitable treatment of both staff and residents within the Bradford District, guaranteeing access to necessary support and the abundant opportunities available.

For those interested in reviewing the report in detail, it is accessible through the following link: