Bradford Cathedral has announced its comprehensive five-year vision spanning from 2023 to 2028. The unveiling took place during the Cathedral’s Pentecost service, where the ambitious strategy was introduced under the theme of “To Weave Jesus into the rich fabric of the city and beyond.” This visionary plan aims to prioritise interculturality, rootedness, innovativeness, and hospitality as integral components of Bradford Cathedral’s mission.

After months of extensive consultations and discussions involving members of the cathedral and the wider community, the new vision has been carefully crafted to address key objectives and challenges. The strategy centres around three main aims that will guide the cathedral’s future endeavours:

Firstly, the plan strives to enhance sustainability despite the obstacles encountered along the way. By fortifying its foundations and remaining resilient in the face of adversity, Bradford Cathedral aims to ensure a lasting impact on the community.

Secondly, the vision seeks greater visibility for the cathedral, aiming to be an active participant rather than being overlooked. By making their presence felt, Bradford Cathedral intends to engage with the city and foster meaningful connections.

Lastly, the strategy aims to improve accessibility, with the ultimate goal of enabling more people to recognise Jesus. By creating an inclusive environment that welcomes individuals from all walks of life, the cathedral hopes to extend its reach and spread its message of faith.

The Very Revd Andy Bowerman, the Dean of Bradford, expressed his hopes and aspirations for the vision during the Sunday service. Addressing the congregation, he stated, “We offer this new vision to God through the Spirit, praying that the Spirit might breathe life into the words that you will get to read.”

Revd Bowerman continued, “As you take your copy, we invite the Spirit to speak to you about how you might consider joining in with the work of God, in the Spirit, in this place, and across the city because we recognise that the church participates in mission only by virtue of its participation with the Holy Spirit. So, Pentecost seems absolutely the right moment for us to offer this to God and to you.”

Drawing inspiration from Bradford’s historical ties to the wool trade, the Dean emphasised the significance of weaving as an appropriate metaphor for their mission. He added, “Our real desire is to weave Jesus into the rich fabric of our city and beyond, and weaving seems such an appropriate image for us here in Bradford with our deep history and connection to the wool trade. We want to continue to offer, in this space, a warm and generous welcome to the world.”

For those eager to delve into the full details of the Bradford Cathedral vision, it can be accessed on the official website at Alternatively, physical copies are available at the Cathedral for those who prefer to peruse the strategy in print.

Bradford Cathedral’s five-year vision promises an exciting journey ahead, as it endeavours to intertwine Jesus’ message within the very essence of the city. By embracing inclusivity, sustainability, and innovation, the Cathedral seeks to forge a path towards a vibrant future that will resonate with both locals and visitors alike.