Bradford Bulls demonstrated their dominance on the rugby field yet again, securing a hard-fought 28-12 victory against Newcastle Thunder last night. The Bulls’ fast start laid the foundation for their success, with their impressive form earning them their third straight league win.

The match commenced with a burst of energy from the Bulls, as Fenton Rogers orchestrated a superb play. Kieran Gill then showcased his agility, sprinting an impressive 50 meters before deftly passing the ball to his wingman, Dee Foggin-Johnston, who expertly finished in the corner, giving the Bulls an early lead.

Buoyed by their opening score, Bradford continued to surge forward, aiming to extend their advantage. Dec Patton skillfully guided Tom Holmes through a gap in the Thunder’s defence, allowing Holmes to manoeuvre past a hapless Thunder full-back and score right in front of the travelling Bulls supporters.

The visitors’ dominance persisted, and at the end of the first quarter, Jordan Baldwinson received an offload from the hardworking Fenton Rogers. Baldwinson powered through the Newcastle defenders, carrying three of them over the try line, further bolstering the Bulls’ lead.

However, the second half saw a resurgence from the home side as Newcastle Thunder raced out of the starting blocks. Nikau Williams swiftly put the Thunder on the scoreboard, injecting some hope into their camp.

Unfazed by the Thunder’s resurgence, Bradford Bulls responded with remarkable style. Keven Appo embarked on an extraordinary run, bulldozing past numerous defenders to touch down, re-establishing the Bulls’ dominance on the field.

Despite the home team’s relentless pressure, it was Denive Balmforth who managed to ground the ball for Newcastle, despite suspicions of a double movement, capitalising on the Thunder’s four repeat sets on the Bulls’ line.

As the match reached its climax, it was a former Thunder player who ultimately secured victory for Bradford. In a display of familiarity and skill, Dec Patton executed a well-placed kick behind the Thunder’s defence, and Kieran Gill showcased his exceptional finishing abilities, grounding the ball to seal the Bulls’ third consecutive win.

Bradford Bulls’ remarkable performance demonstrated their prowess and resilience, leaving the Thunder struggling to keep up. With their third straight league victory, the Bulls have solidified their position as a formidable force in the competition, leaving fans eagerly anticipating their next match