In an exciting new podcast series, titled “Best Men,” renowned comedians Jason Manford and Steve Edge delve into the high-stakes world of being a best man. With their trademark humour and camaraderie, the duo embarks on a journey to listen, learn, and laugh as they unearth some of the most memorable stories from former best men.

The inaugural episode of “Best Men” kicks off with Jason and Steve discussing the dreaded best man speech and its potential unravelling. One brave listener shares his own tragic tale of delivering a speech coupled with a questionably poetic touch to an audience composed mostly of strangers.

As the series progresses, Jason and Steve promise to bring both uplifting tales of male friendship and riotous laughter as they explore epic stories of speeches gone wrong, stag-do disasters, and encounters with current best men navigating this daunting but honourable role. Expert advice from wedding professionals will also be featured, providing valuable lessons from other people’s mistakes.

Reflecting on their own experiences, Jason Manford expresses, “Not only have Steve and I been best friends for nearly 25 years, but we were also each other’s Best Man. I can’t think of anyone more suitable to co-host this podcast on BBC Sounds. Being a Best Man is such an important job, and it’s truly a unique opportunity for men to express their feelings for their friends while simultaneously subjecting them to outrageous experiences like being tied up naked to a lamp post in Amsterdam! I found it simultaneously horrifying, hilarious, and cathartic. Hearing people’s tales, from best man speeches to stag dos gone wrong, it’s mind-boggling how many things can go awry while preparing your pal for his big day.”

Steve Edge adds, “To all the best men out there facing the stress that accompanies this responsibility during wedding season, I hope they find this podcast to be a much-needed escape. I’m thrilled to co-host alongside my good friend Jason, who thought I was such an exceptional best man that he let me do it twice! We had a blast hearing listeners’ stories, and I can’t wait to hear more incredible wedding calamities and triumphs from our audience.”

Rhian Roberts, the Commissioner of Podcasts, Formats & Digital at BBC Radio 4, 3, and 4 Extra, warns, “Jason and Steve have managed to coax some truly appalling and disastrous stories from best men across the UK, stories that should never have happened, let alone be repeated on a podcast. It’s probably best avoided if you’re a bride-to-be.”

“Best Men” is a 15-part series commissioned by BBC Radio 4 and will be released weekly on BBC Sounds, beginning on Wednesday, June 7. Listeners can tune in to this hilarious and heartfelt exploration of the best man role, where laughter and lessons blend to create an unforgettable listening experience.