In a heartwarming gesture, bereaved families in Wakefield will now have the opportunity to spend precious time with their departed loved ones, thanks to a donated blanket. The generous donation aims to provide solace and support during the grieving process.

The benevolent initiative stems from the tragic loss of Maggie Pearl Parsons in 2015, the daughter of Sarah Bernasconi-Parsons and her husband Mark. Stricken by grief, the couple established Maggie’s Stillbirth Legacy, a charitable endeavour focused on raising funds for Cuddle Blankets and Cuddle Cots, which are subsequently donated to trusts and organisations across the United Kingdom and worldwide.

Sarah Bernasconi-Parsons shared her personal experience, stating, “When our daughter passed away, the Cuddle Cot enabled us to spend three invaluable days with Maggie, creating lasting memories. Discovering that not every family had access to Cuddle Cots was truly disheartening.”

Similar to Cuddle Cots, Cuddle Blankets are specialised, insulated blankets that employ cooling technology to preserve the body of a loved one, granting grieving families an extended period of time to bid their farewells.

At the forefront of this compassionate endeavour is the Mid Yorkshire Teaching NHS Trust (MYTT), which houses a Cuddle Cot suitable for children up to two years old. Sarah Boron, Lead Nurse for child death and bereavement support at MYTT, reached out to Sarah of Maggie’s Legacy after researching methods to assist families coping with the loss of an older child, seeking further information regarding Cuddle Blankets.

Sarah of Maggie’s Legacy expressed, “When Sarah from MYTT contacted me with inquiries about the blankets, the timing was impeccable. I had nearly reached my target to acquire the next blanket and was actively searching for the next deserving trust to gift one to. Upon learning that they did not possess one, I immediately decided to donate.”

In addition to providing the Cuddle Blanket, Sarah also offers free training to healthcare professionals on how to sensitively and efficiently set up the equipment, ensuring that grieving families receive the utmost care and support during their time of need.

Expressing her gratitude, Sarah Boron remarked, “We are incredibly thankful to Sarah and Maggie’s Stillbirth Legacy for the remarkable equipment they have provided us. Sarah’s wealth of knowledge and unwavering passion for supporting grieving parents is truly commendable. The death of a child is a devastating and traumatic experience for parents, and having access to the Cuddle Blanket will offer families the invaluable time required to process their loss and embark on their journey of grief.”

The MY Hospitals Charity, a registered NHS charity (Registered Charity Number 1067163) dedicated to supporting MYTT, will assume responsibility for the maintenance and upkeep of the donated blanket.

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