In a move aimed at fostering competition and expanding the range of its television programs, the BBC has announced today that DIY SOS and See Hear will be the next shows to undergo a competitive tender process. As part of its ongoing commitment to embracing competition, the BBC will be opening up these programs to pitches from external producers, with an invitation to tenders set to be published later this year.

By subjecting DIY SOS and See Hear to the tendering process, the BBC aims to determine which supplier will have the opportunity to produce these cherished shows while retaining all Intellectual Property rights. Although the BBC will continue to broadcast the programs, the decision on which supplier will create them will be made through this rigorous tendering process.

David Pembrey, Chief Operating Officer of BBC Content, emphasised the significance of DIY SOS and See Hear to the BBC and its audiences. He stated, “DIY SOS and See Hear are hugely important brands for the BBC and are much-loved by audiences. These two tenders underpin their ongoing importance to the BBC in the coming years, as well as our commitment to competition across our output.”

The tendering of these returning series is in line with the BBC’s Compete or Compare strategy, which was introduced in 2014. This strategy reiterates the BBC’s dedication to commissioning the best programs for its viewers, regardless of the production entity involved.

To ensure transparency and fairness, the BBC will openly share a comprehensive list of eligibility criteria and requirements for DIY SOS and See Hear with all potential suppliers. This will enable interested parties to prepare their pitches accordingly. The BBC commissioning team will evaluate the proposals received and select the supplier that best aligns with their vision for the programs.

Suppliers will have sufficient time to conduct research and adequately prepare their tenders, as the requirements for each tender will be communicated upon publication.

The decision to subject DIY SOS and See Hear to competitive tendering demonstrates the BBC’s commitment to delivering high-quality content while embracing competition and seeking fresh perspectives for its programming lineup. As the invitation to tenders is set to be released later this year, industry professionals and production companies eagerly anticipate the opportunity to pitch their creative ideas for these beloved shows.