As part of its ongoing commitment to supporting new and emerging talent, BBC Radio 4 is set to present a week-long series of exciting audio dramas from 3rd to 10th July. The lineup features a diverse range of voices fresh to Radio 4 drama, including new writers, directors, producers, and other talented individuals. These new voices will bring captivating stories and perspectives to the airwaves, covering a range of topics from historical reimaginations to contemporary struggles.

One of the featured dramas, “Finding Seaglass,” written and performed by Edinburgh Makar Hannah Lavery, offers a moving and poetic exploration of personal experiences. Lavery’s debut production provides an unvarnished insight into the challenges of growing up and raising children as a person with mixed racial heritage in Scotland. “Finding Seaglass” aims to shed light on Scottish history and public memory from a different perspective, resonating with contemporary struggles for justice and equality.

“Requiem,” inspired by true events, takes listeners back to the 1980s, following a young priest named Paul as he navigates prejudice and pain while supporting AIDS sufferers. Co-written and directed by Harrison Knights and Misia Butler, the drama uses the structure of a requiem mass, incorporating traditional and contemporary choral music. The story delves into the connection between faith and queerness, exploring the impact of social stigma during that period.

“Burning Bright Audio” presents “The Wire Cutters,” a debut audio drama investigating a series of mysterious attacks on electrical equipment in West Yorkshire. These attacks, occurring in the spring 2022, caused power outages, disrupted communication networks, and affected the lives of local residents. The drama, featuring a talented cast including Leanne Best and John Biggins, unravels the enigma surrounding these incidents.

“Gret and Will” provides a gripping and humorous insight into the court of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn through the eyes of their Fools. This new drama, written by Elizabeth Kuti and directed by Tim Hoare, explores the theory that the Fools of the Tudor court were neurodiverse. The play delves into themes of loyalty, friendship, and the importance of being seen for one’s abilities and humanity.

Lastly, “Shard,” a folk-horror story by producer Hugh Hick, takes listeners on an atmospheric journey examining the consequences of environmental catastrophe on an alternative society. Set on an island off the coast of Ireland, the drama follows Spooner as he joins an experimental commune, only to discover the island’s dark secrets and the price it demands from its inhabitants.

Alison Hindell, Radio 4’s Commissioning Editor for Drama and Fiction, expressed pride in Radio 4’s commitment to fostering new talent and innovative storytelling. She invites listeners to enjoy this week of new drama, showcasing fresh voices and perspectives.

The series will air at 14:15 – 15:00 on BBC Radio 4, starting from 3rd July. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience these captivating audio dramas from emerging talent.