In an exciting announcement today, BBC and Roughcut TV revealed their collaboration on a brand new comedy drama series titled “We Might Regret This.” Inspired by the real-life experiences of its creators, Kyla Harris and Lee Getty, the show promises to captivate audiences with its unique blend of humour and drama.

The series revolves around Freya (Kyla Harris), a talented Canadian artist in her 30s who happens to be tetraplegic. Having relocated to London for a budding relationship with Abe (Darren Boyd), a 50-something lawyer known for his serious demeanour, Freya finds herself in a whirlwind romance. In a twist of events, Abe invites Freya to move in with him before she has even had a chance to explore his home. Complicating matters further, Freya requires the constant presence of personal assistants (PAs) due to her disability, resulting in a perpetual third person witnessing their intimate moments as well as heated arguments. Struggling to find the perfect fit for this unique role, Freya turns to her impulsive and chaotic best friend, Jo (Elena Saurel), to take on the challenging task. With an unforeseeable outcome, audiences can expect a captivating rollercoaster ride of emotions.

Expressing their excitement, co-creators Kyla Harris and Lee Getty stated, “We are thrilled that Roughcut TV, the BBC, and Village Roadshow Television recognise the humour in our messy and joyful experiences of friendship, love, and disability. We never imagined they would find our bad decisions amusing.”

As Roughcut TV’s Executive Producer and Creative Director, Alex Smith added, “Roughcut is thrilled to produce ‘We Might Regret This’ for the BBC and Village Roadshow Television. This highly original and expertly crafted show will captivate comedy and drama enthusiasts like never before. With an incredible cast and talented crew, we are confident that we won’t regret embarking on this production.”

Executive Vice President of Village Roadshow Television, Alix Jaffe, praised the show’s innovative concept, further enhanced by Kyla and Lee’s personal experiences. Jaffe expressed their delight in partnering with Roughcut TV and the BBC, showcasing Village Roadshow Television’s commitment to expanding its global television presence.

Jon Petrie, the BBC’s Director of Comedy Commissioning, shared his excitement for the project, stating, “Kyla and Lee have created something truly special, and we can’t wait to see their incredibly personal and hilarious story come to life. With Roughcut and Village Roadshow Television as our partners, we know we are in for an extraordinary journey.”

“We Might Regret This” is a Roughcut TV production in collaboration with Village Roadshow Television for BBC Two. Co-created by Kyla Harris and Lee Getty, the show is produced by Inez Gordon, with Ash Atalla, Alex Smith, and Rebecca Murrell serving as Executive Producers for Roughcut. Village Roadshow Television is also involved in executive production. Tanya Qureshi is the Commissioning Editor for BBC.

The series is set to offer a fresh and engaging perspective, drawing upon the complexities of friendship, love, and disability. Audiences can eagerly anticipate the premiere of “We Might Regret This,” as it promises to be an enthralling addition to the comedy-drama genre.