In a major coup for football fans across the United Kingdom, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and Independent Television (ITV) have secured the rights to provide live television coverage of the highly anticipated 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup. The tournament, set to take place in Australia and New Zealand, promises to be a thrilling showcase of women’s football talent on the world stage.

As the official broadcasters, the BBC and ITV have unveiled their comprehensive television schedules and selected matches for the upcoming tournament. The action will commence on July 20, as the host nation, New Zealand, takes on Norway in a gripping encounter set to begin at 8am local time. Football enthusiasts can tune in to the BBC to catch this opening clash, which will be held in Auckland.

England’s pivotal second group stage match against Denmark will be another key fixture covered by the BBC. Scheduled for July 28 at 9.30am, the game carries immense significance for the Lionesses, who will aim to secure their qualification to the knockout stages. The nation will be eagerly anticipating this crucial encounter, hoping for a positive outcome that will propel England forward in the tournament.

Throughout the group stages, the BBC will feature an array of matches involving some of the world’s most formidable teams. Spectators can expect thrilling showdowns featuring football powerhouses such as France, Netherlands, Brazil, Australia, and the reigning World Champions, the United States.

In a testament to their exclusive coverage, the BBC has been granted the privilege of selecting the first knockout game to broadcast live from the Round of 16 stage, provided England progresses beyond the group stage. The nation’s hopes will rest on the Lionesses’ shoulders as they strive to make a deep run in the competition, and fans will be able to experience every thrilling moment through the BBC’s coverage.

As the tournament progresses to the latter stages, the BBC stands as the sole broadcaster for both enthralling World Cup Semi-Finals. Football aficionados will need to tune in to the BBC to witness the suspense and drama unfold as the top teams battle it out for a spot in the prestigious final. The ultimate climax, the World Cup Final, will be a shared broadcast between the BBC and ITV, ensuring that fans can watch this monumental event on either channel.

The 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup promises to be an extraordinary celebration of women’s football, and the collaboration between the BBC and ITV ensures that viewers in the UK will not miss a single moment of this thrilling tournament. Make sure to mark your calendars and support your favourite teams as they strive for glory on the world stage.

Date Kick Off Match  Location Broadcaster 
20 July 8am New Zealand v Norway Auckland BBC 
  11am Australia v Republic of Ireland Sydney ITV 
21 July 3.30am Nigeria v Canada Melbourne BBC 
  6am Philippines v Switzerland Dunedin ITV 
  8.30am Spain v Costa Rica Wellington BBC 
22 July 2am USA v Vietnam Auckland BBC 
  8am Zambia v Japan Hamilton BBC 
  10.30am England v Haiti Brisbane ITV 
  1pm Denmark v China Perth BBC 
23 July 6am Sweden v South Africa Wellington BBC 
  8.30am Netherlands v Portugal Dunedin BBC 
  11am France v Jamaica Sydney ITV 
24 July 7am Italy v Argentina Auckland ITV 
  9.30am Germany v Morocco Melbourne ITV 
  12pm Brazil v Panama Adelaide ITV 
25 July 3am Colombia v South Korea Sydney BBC 
  6.30am New Zealand v Philippines Wellington ITV 
  9am Switzerland v Norway Hamilton ITV 
26 July 6am Japan v Costa Rica Dunedin ITV 
  8.30am Spain v Zambia Auckland BBC 
  1pm Canada v Republic of Ireland Perth ITV 
27 July 2am USA v Netherlands Wellington BBC 
  8.30am Portugal v Vietnam Hamilton ITV 
  11am Australia v Nigeria Brisbane BBC 
28 July 1am Argentina v South Africa Dunedin ITV 
  9.30am England v Denmark Sydney BBC 
  12pm China v Haiti Adelaide ITV 
29 July 8.30am Sweden v Italy Wellington BBC 
  11am France v Brazil Brisbane BBC 
  1.30pm Panama v Jamaica Perth ITV 
30 July 5.30am South Korea v Morocco Adelaide BBC 
  10.30am Germany v Colombia Sydney ITV 
  8am Norway v Philippines Auckland BBC 
  8am Switzerland v New Zealand Dunedin BBC 
31 July 8am Japan v Spain Wellington ITV 
  8am Costa Rica v Zambia Hamilton ITV 
  11am Republic of Ireland v Nigeria Brisbane BBC 
  11am Canada v Australia Melbourne BBC 
1 August 8am Vietnam v Netherlands Dunedin ITV 
  8am Portugal v USA Auckland ITV 
  12pm China v England Adelaide ITV 
  12pm Haiti v Denmark Perth ITV 
2 August 8am Argentina v Sweden Hamilton BBC 
  8am South Africa v Italy Wellington BBC 
  11am Panama v France Sydney ITV 
  11am Jamaica v Brazil Melbourne ITV 
3 August 11am Morocco v Colombia Perth BBC 
  11am South Korea v Germany Brisbane BBC