In a major acquisition, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has announced the acquisition of the thrilling Irish drama series, “Clean Sweep.” The gripping six-part thriller, inspired by true events, will captivate audiences on BBC Four and BBC iPlayer. Starring the talented and award-winning actress Charlene McKenna, known for her remarkable performances in “Bloodlands,” “Peaky Blinders,” and “Vienna Blood,” the series is set to leave viewers on the edge of their seats. “Clean Sweep” was created by the acclaimed writer Gary Tieche, whose notable works include “Preacher,” “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” and “Medium.”

“Clean Sweep” centres around the seemingly ordinary life of Shelly Mohan, portrayed by Charlene McKenna. Shelly, a devoted mother of three, is married to a Garda detective, played by Barry Ward. However, beneath the surface of her seemingly idyllic life, a dark past lurks, threatening to shatter the façade of normality.

When Shelly’s former partner in crime resurfaces and poses a significant risk of exposing her secrets, she makes a fateful decision to eliminate him. As the noose tightens around her, Shelly’s detective husband is assigned the task of apprehending the elusive killer. The mounting pressure intensifies as Shelly also grapples with an unfaithful spouse and ailing son, presenting her with a complex web of challenges.

Sue Deeks, the Head of BBC Programme Acquisition, expressed her enthusiasm for the series, stating, “Clean Sweep is a gripping psychological thriller – BBC viewers will be hooked by Shelly, and how she copes with all of the repercussions of her secret life.” With its intense narrative and captivating performances, “Clean Sweep” promises to keep audiences on the edge of their seats, exploring the depths of human desperation and the consequences of one’s choices.

The rights for “Clean Sweep” were secured by the BBC from ZDF Studios. The series was produced by ShinAwil and Incendo, renowned production companies known for their expertise in delivering compelling and high-quality content. Audiences can eagerly anticipate the launch of “Clean Sweep” on BBC Four and BBC iPlayer later this year, where they will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in this enthralling thriller.

As the BBC continues to bring exceptional programming to its viewers, the acquisition of “Clean Sweep” further demonstrates the broadcaster’s commitment to offering diverse and compelling content that resonates with audiences across the United Kingdom.